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V and CO.

V and CO.

As she tells it, Vanessa is a busy mom living “the middle of nowhere, Iowa” with her husband and four kids. She likes to quilt, sew, decorate, run her mouth, hang out with friends and “fake organize” anything and everything. And she gets rid of things when she can’t find a place to put it.

Known for her spectacular use of bold, modern color and pattern, Vanessa’s signature Ombres have helped quilters explore the use of color and solids. In addition to teaching and publishing patterns as V & Co., Vanessa is the author of Make It Sew Modern and six Simply Color books – Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Green.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style I Heart Ombre Metallic fcc_i-heart-ombre-metallic.pdf jpg_i-heart-ombre-metallic.zip 2024.08
Basics Best Ombre Confetti Metallic fcc_best-of-ombre-confetti-metallic.pdf jpg_best-of-ombre-confetti-metallic.zip 2024.03
Style Ombre Flurries Metallic fcc_ombre-flurries-metallic.pdf jpg_ombre-flurries-metallic.zip 2023.07
Metro Ombre Galaxy Metallic fcc_ombre_galaxy_metallic.pdf jpg_ombre-galaxy-metallic.zip 2022.04
Style Ombre Wovens fcc_ombre-wovens.pdf jpg_ombre-wovens.zip 2021.06
Style 108" Ombre Confetti fcc_108-inch-ombre-confetti.pdf jpg_108-inch-ombre-confetti.zip 2021.06
Metro Ombre Fairy Dust Metallic 2020/fcc_ombre-fairy-dust-metallic.pdf 2020/jpg_ombre-fairy-dust-metallic.zip 2020.08
Metro Ombre Bloom 2019/fcc_ombre-bloom.pdf 2019/jpg_ombre-bloom.zip 2019.10
Metro Ombre Confetti Metallic 2019 2019/fcc_ombre.pdf 2019/jpg_ombre-confetti-metallic-2019.zip 2019.07
Christmas Morris Holiday Metallic 2018/fcc_morris-holiday-metallic.pdf 2018/jpg_morris-holiday-metallic.zip 2018.05
Metro Ombre Confetti Metallic 2018/fcc_Ombre-Confetti.pdf 2018/jpg_ombre-confetti-metallic.zip 2018.02
Metro Spectrum 2017/fcc_spectrum.pdf 2017/jpg_spectrum.zip 2017.01
Style Ombre 2016/fcc_ombre-basic.pdf 2016/jpg_ombre.zip 2016.01
Metro Simply Colorful II 2015/fcc_simplycolorfullii.pdf 2015/jpg_simply-colorful-2.zip 2015.09
Metro Simply Colorful 2015/fcc_simply-colorful.pdf 2015/jpg_simply-colorful.zip 2015.07
Metro Color Theory 2015/fcc_color-theory.pdf 2015/jpg_color-theory.zip 2015.01
Metro Color Me Happy 2014/fcc_color-me-happy.pdf 2014/jpg_color-me-happy.zip 2014.03
Metro Simply Style 2013/fcc_simply_style.pdf 2013/jpg_simply-style.zip 2013.07
Metro Simply Color 2012/fcc_simply_color.pdf 2012/jpg_simply-color.zip 2012/fp_simple-chain.pdf 2012.10