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Deb Strain

Deb Strain

Deb and her husband Scott, currently live in their new hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  With one of their three children on the East Coast, one on the West Coast, and the third next door, life is filled with long-distance calls, traveling and helping watch the twin grandsons that live next door!

A design for Moda Fabrics since 1996, Deb feels honored to have watched Moda’s growth and success over the years.  “Moda’s integrity and genuine caring about quilters, the quilting industry and their designers has always been part of why I love working with this wonderful company.  That and the “best in the business” members of the Moda family have made it an incredible journey.”

Drawing and painting her fabric designs by hand, Deb has created over one-hundred collections since she began working with Moda.  She loves working with different colors and patterns, the more intricate the better!

A life-long passion for art led Deb to teaching art before becoming a designer.  Her artwork has been featured on many different products over the years – calendars, greeting cards, garden flags, books, framed prints and more.  Recently, she and Scott proudly launched a line of notecards for sewing and quilting enthusiasts titled “Sew Noted”.

With traveling to see her children, creating new fabrics and collections, and other types of new art, Deb’s life is happily filled with color, creativity and lots of hugs!

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style All American fcc_all_american.pdf jpg_all-american.zip 2022.03
Style Always and Forever 2011/fcc_always_and_forever.pdf 2011/jpg_always-and-forever.zip 2011/fp_always-and-forever.pdf 2011.11
Style America The Beautiful fcc_america-the-beautiful.pdf jpg_america-the-beautiful.zip 2021.01
Christmas Be Jolly 2014/fcc_be_jolly.pdf 2014/jpg_be-jolly.zip 2014.06
Style Bee Creative 2016/fcc_bee-creative.pdf 2016/jpg_bee-creative.zip 2016/fp_bee-creative.pdf 2016.03
Style Bee Grateful fcc_bee-grateful.pdf jpg_bee-grateful.zip 2020.11
Style Bee Inspired 2017/fcc_bee-inspired.pdf 2017/jpg_bee-inspired.zip 2017/fp_bee-inspired.pdf 2017.03
Style Bee Joyful 2019/fcc_bee-joyful.pdf 2019/jpg_bee-joyful.zip 2019.03
Style Bewitching 2018/fcc_bewitching.pdf 2018/jpg_bewitching.zip 2018.07
Style Bloomin' Fresh 2014/fcc_bloomin-fresh.pdf 2014/jpg_bloomin-fresh.zip 2014.02
Style Brew 2018/fcc_brew.pdf 2018/jpg_brew.zip 2018.10
Style Cherish Nature 2010/fcc_Cherish_Nature.pdf 2010/jpg_cherish-nature.zip 2010/fp_cherish-nature.pdf 2010.03
Christmas Christmas Countdown 2013/fcc_christmas_countdown.pdf 2013/jpg_christmas-countdown.zip 2013.06
Style Coming Home 2011/fcc_coming_home.pdf 2011/jpg_coming-home.zip 2011.09
Style Cultivate Kindness 2020/fcc_cultivate-kindness.pdf 2020/jpg_cultivate-kindness.zip 2020.03
Style Eerily Elegant 2017/fcc_eerily-elegant.pdf 2017/jpg_eerily-elegant.zip 2017.06
Style Effies Woods fcc_effies-woods.pdf jpg_effies-woods.zip 2021.10
Style El Gallo 2014/fcc_el_gallo.pdf 2014/jpg_el-gallo.zip 2014.11
Style Ever After 2015/fcc_ever-after.pdf 2015/jpg_ever-after.zip 2015.11
Style Explore 2019/fcc_explore.pdf 2019/jpg_explore.zip 2019.11
Style Family Tree 2013/fcc_family-tree.pdf 2013/jpg_family-tree.zip 2013.10
Style Forest Fancy 2015/fcc_forest-fancy.pdf 2015/jpg_forest-fancy.zip 2015.05
Style Fresh Flowers 2011/fcc_Fresh_Flowers.pdf 2011/jpg_fresh-flowers.zip 2011/fp_fresh-flowers.pdf 2011.01
Style Ghostly Greetings fcc_ghostly_greetings.pdf jpg_ghostly-greetings.zip 2022.06
Style Give Thanks 2012/fcc_give_thanks.pdf 2012/jpg_give-thanks.zip 2012.06
Style Grow with Me 2012/fcc_grow_with_me.pdf 2012/jpg_grow-with-me.zip 2012/fp_grow-with-me.pdf 2012.01
Style Happiness Blooms fcc_happiness-blooms.pdf jpg_happiness-blooms.zip 2022.11
Style Happy Fall 2020/fcc_happy-fall.pdf 2020/jpg_happy-fall.zip 2020.07
Style Happy H\owl\o-ween 2012/fcc_happy_howloween.pdf 2012/jpg_happy-howloween.zip 2012.05
Style Harvest Wishes fcc_harvest-wishes.pdf jpg_harvest-wishes.zip 2023.04
Christmas Hearthside Holiday 2018/fcc_hearthside.pdf 2018/jpg_hearthside-holiday.zip 2018.06
Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho! 2015/fcc_ho-ho-ho.pdf 2015/jpg_ho-ho-ho.zip 2015.05
Christmas Holiday Lodge 2019/fcc_holiday-lodge.pdf 2019/jpg_holiday-lodge.zip 2019.05
Christmas Holidays At Home fcc_holidays-at-home.pdf jpg_holidays-at-home.zip 2023.06
Christmas Holly Berry Tree Farm fcc_holly_berry_tree_farm.pdf jpg_holly-berry-tree-farm.zip 2022.05
Style Home On The Range fcc_HomeOnTheRange_DebStrain.pdf jpg_HomeOnTheRange_DebStrain.zip 2021.04
Christmas Home Sweet Holidays fcc_home-sweet-holidays.pdf jpg_home-sweet-holidays.zip 2021.06
Style Homegrown 2018/fcc_HomeGrown.pdf 2018/jpg_homegrown.zip 2018/fp_homegrown.pdf 2018.01
Christmas Homegrown Holidays 2020/fcc_homegrown-holidays.pdf 2020/jpg_homegrown-holidays.zip 2020.06
Style Homegrown Salsa fcc_homegrown-salsa.pdf jpg_homegrown-salsa.zip 2020.12
Style Honey And Lavender fcc_honey-and-lavender.pdf jpg_honey-lavender.zip 2023.11
Style Hugaboo 2015/fcc_hugaboo.pdf 2015/jpg_hugaboo.zip 2015.08
Style Java 2010/fcc_java.pdf 2010/jpg_java.zip 2010/fp_java.pdf 2010.11
Style Land that I Love 2019/fcc_land-that-i-love.pdf 2019/jpg_land-that-i-love.zip 2019.01
Style Llama Love 2019/fcc_llama-love.pdf 2019/jpg_llama-love.zip 2019/fp_llama-love-mini-quilt.pdf 2019.11
Style Love Grows 2018/fcc_love-grows.pdf 2018/jpg_love-grows.zip 2018.12
Style Love U 2009/fcc_Love_U.pdf 2009/jpg_love-u.zip 2009.11
Style Makin' New Friends 2010/fcc_Makin_New_Friends.pdf 2010/jpg_makin-new-friends.zip 2010/fp_makin-new-friends.pdf 2010.05
Style Meadow Friends 2011/fcc_meadow_friends.pdf 2011/jpg_meadow-friends.zip 2011.07
Style Midnight Masquerade 2015/fcc_midnight-masquerade.pdf 2015/jpg_midnight-masquerade.zip 2015.05