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Quilts from the Farmhouse...

Quilts from the Farmhouse...

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Farmhouse II Quilts & Patterns by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Company...

Hello again!

I hope you enjoyed the Farmhouse II fabric preview a few days ago. Today I wanted to share the patterns I designed for the collection. When designing patterns I always try to have a good mix of more simple pre-cut friendly patterns as well as some more challenging quilts that will capture people's imaginations. I am really, really happy with what I have come up with this time. I feel like they do a good job of showcasing the collection in a variety of levels of complexity and style. I sure hope you agree with me!

So here is a little story behind each pattern and some info that you might want to know as you are thinking about the collection.

First up, Apple Pie.

Apple Pie can be made with one Layer Cake or the slightly smaller version with 2 Charm Packs. Basically it is squares and a few half-square triangles that could easily be taught in a class setting. On a design note... I absolutely love the secondary design that is formed with the black nine patches and half square triangles, it almost feels like crochet or some kind of a weaving. I don't know, maybe you see something else?

And Apple Pie Charm...

Farm Cottage

Farm Cottage is my own daydream of that little white farmhouse that I hope to have one day. It will have to have a red door... or maybe a yellow door, but I had to choose one for the pattern... a picket fence, lots and lots of daisies, clovers and hollyhocks as well as chickens of course. And maybe a goat? The pattern can be made up out of mostly ⅛yards or for sure fat quarters. We used the Bella Chartreuse as the background of the cottage and then everything else is from the Farmhouse II collection. 


Over the last couple of years, I have really grown to love making quilts on stronger backgrounds that my standard ivory. Black Crossweave is one of them, aqua and green is another. For this one, I used the slightly mottled black solid that comes with the Farmhouse II collection although Black Crossweave would be quite lovely too I think. And did you guys know that Moda has another amazing substrate called Chambray that is the exact lovely color as that fabulous Black Crossweave with less fraying and a tighter weave? Its fabulous. We use the two interchangeably in our projects.

Black Dahlia

This one just spoke to me the moment that it popped into my head and I couldn't choose just one color way. This pattern has so many possibilities in either setting and colors.

In terms of setting, look at how different the black and red version looks and feel simply by the directionality of the blocks?

If once you start changing colors, the possibilities are endless. On the front cover of the pattern you will have the main black and red quilt, an aqua and red version, as well as an orange and black version. Inside the pattern, we show you two more color ways with a patriotic color scheme, and a Christmas duo. Basically choose two of your favorite smaller prints and go for it!

And finally, Thistles.

This one is definitely my favorite in this grouping and even though I know it's a bit of a project, it is such a perfect stash buster quilt or one to start off with your favorite fat quarter bundle - like we did with Farmhouse II - and then add in other fabrics as you go - I am already dreaming up how I am going to remake this one with all of my Fig Tree favorites from over the years. 

So that's it for today.  I'm now busy getting quilts finished for Fall Market and my next collection... it's very pretty.