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Farm Girl at heart...

Farm Girl at heart...

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Hi!  I'm Joanna Figueroa and I'm so excited to share Farmhouse II with you!  

A little backstory is in order... So if you follow me on any social media you will quickly see that I am a city girl who is a farm girl at heart. I dream about moving out into the country one day. 

Whether it's on the weekend, when I'm blessed with a free day, or when I just need a little bit of space, I love to take long drives through farm land.  It makes me happy to take in the beautiful countryside, the animals, the crops, and the farms.

And yes, I like the smells that come with farms too! lol

My sweet daughter often comes with me - Ella might be a farm girl at heart too.

So when it comes time for fabric designing, my often turns to these kinds of inspirations.

We've recently fallen headlong into a new kind of hobby that's right up that farmhouse feel.  We've got chickens!  Five of them - Butterscotch, Hazel, Chipmunk, Oreo and Nugget. The stories behind each one of those names is definitely for another day but if you are ever at a quilt show or Market and you'd like to know, please ask me and we'll chat!

So anyway, I made a deal with my husband a long time ago that when my first son left the nest and moved out to go to college, that I would get my chicken coop and my chickens. Well... it took a few extra years to get it all together but we now have chickens and we are all a little bit in love. Of course I do have to say that my husband who was originally totally against the idea because he thought it would be too much work, yada, yada... well he loves them the most. Call them "his girls". Just saying, you never know when you will find a farm boy hidden behind a city boy.

When I first designed and introduced the original Farmhouse collection, I was so happy with it because it was new and a little different for me.  So I wasn't sure how you were going to like it. Quilt Market was a little nerve wracking for me that year but you loved it, and it was one of our best sellers!  You all loved the new black, the retro prints and the orange, and all the other yummy colors I'd mixed in. 

So I thought it was time to do another collection in the same palette, with a similar feel but all new prints! 

And I have to say that I love this one as much as I do the first one. Hope you feel the same when you get your hands on some in person.

I will share my newest patterns next week so stay tuned and I will be back in a few days. Meanwhile…

And one more of these...

These pictures were taken last May... you're not going to believe how big they've gotten!  I'll have pictures of that soon too.


Note: Farmhouse II will be shipping any day now so it will start popping up in your favorite quilt shop by early next week.

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