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Sweetwater loves Oxford...

Sweetwater loves Oxford...

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Oxford Prints & Wovens from Lisa, Susan and Karla of Sweetwater...

Welcome to Oxford!

This line was inspired by my favorite clothing catalog.  When the monthly JCrew catalog comes in the mail, I always flip though to see the pretty clothes.  Of course I like the clothes, but what I really like about the catalog is the graphic design, the beautiful photography, the cool fonts and the way they style the whole thing.  I usually throw out most everything- I'm the opposite of a hoarder.  But I do keep the JCrew catalogs.  They give me design inspiration when I'm stuck- whether it's a color combination or a way to stylize a photo- there are lots of great ideas in there.

Which leads me to the day we were stuck without an idea for a fabric collection.  We can generally get great ideas if we actually get out and venture into the city a bit.  We have found inspiration in store windows, street signs and t-shirts.  But this day we were stuck in our office, no time to take a shopping trip just to find some inspiration.  So we drug out all our old magazines.  My mom starts with Country Living, while my sister and I dig into JCrew.  It didn't take long.  We were immediately drawn to a photo of about 25 men's plaid oxford shirts stacked up.  We quickly flipped the pages and found similar shirts for women- but this time the plaids were mixed up with florals, dots and strips.

And that was it!  We all decided that stack of shirts would make the most amazing quilt and Oxford was born!  Oxford is a combination of wovens and regular cotton prints.  All the plaids and stripes are woven.  We hope you love it as much as we do!

There are three colorways in Oxford.  It’s hard to choose a favorite, but mine is definitely the blue.

But I also love the red.

And the green.

We are so excited to share some of the projects we are working on with Oxford.  The first is one of our most favorite quilts we have ever done.  We call it Oxford Lane.

This quilt is a combination of applique, piecing and embroidery.  It is super easy to kit as it uses a layer cake, background fabric and the same print for the border and binding.  The pattern includes the printed embroidery blocks.  It measures 66" x 58".

Our second quilt is made exclusively from the woven fabric in the collection.  This is “Tailgate”.

It’s our modern take on a log cabin quilt.  It’s great for those customers wanting to make a quick and easy quilt - it measures 64" x 64".  After quilting, we washed our sample quilt and we love it even more!

All images used with permission of Sweetwater Fabrics - All Rights Reserved.