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Block Heads 2 - Blocks 14 & 15

Block Heads 2 - Blocks 14 & 15

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Happy September!  And Happy Block Heads Wednesday!

It's Week 14 and we've got a little surprise in store for you today - and for the next few weeks.  September is National Women's Friendship Month.  After the finish of Block Heads 1, we wanted to mix things up a little bit.  We considered many options having to do with the blocks and quilts, but we all agreed that what we really wanted to do was add a few more Block Heads to the mix - who just happened to be women.  

So for the next six weeks, there will be two blocks shared each week - one by the original Block Head, and one by the friend (or friends) they invited.

Today's blocks are:

Block 14 - Fidget Spinner Instructions - Lynne's Blog
Block 15 - Corner Pocket Instructions - Me & My Sister's Blog

This is Moda Michele's Block 14 - Fidget Spinner.  It's made with fabrics from Jo Morton's Gratitude collection.  

The next thirteen blocks will all finish at 6", and because there are two each week, a few are on the easier side.  So have a little fun with variation... if that's your thing.  

This is Michele's Block 15 - Corner Pocket.  It's made with fabrics from Betsy Chutchian's Hope's Journey.  (Love the golds - cheddars?)

Block 14 - Fidget Spinner

Block 15 - Corner Pocket 

Me?  I'm a more than a wee bit behind with sewing this week - I'm in the midst of moving!  Boxes everywhere.  And I can't get to the ironing board.  Wish me luck for next week!

Note: If the blogs aren't up or the links aren't working, check the Moda Block Heads 2 Archive.  Because if you're reading this, it's been updated and it might just have what you're looking for.  

These blocks - and those shown at the top - are from #modablockheads2.  For more blocks and inspiration - #modablockheads.  Some blocks are in both - some in just one hashtag or the other.  

To see what the other eleven Block Heads have done with Fidget Spinner and Corner Pocket, check out their blogs and Instagrams:

Then be sure to check the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group and the blocks being posted on Instagram – #ModaBlockheads

If you're looking for links to the first thirteen Block Heads 2 blocks and the blog posts - Moda Block Heads 2 Archive

That's it for Week 14 (and 15?) of the Block Heads 2.

Happy Wednesday!