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Let's bake some Cake...

Let's bake some Cake...

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What is your favorite kind of cake?  I will always vote for Carrot Cake first, then probably a Hummingbird or Coconut Cake.  

But since I can really only eat a few bites, I'll stick with the fabric-kind of Layer Cake.  You know, those 10" x 10" stacks of fabric squares that are just as yummy, just as tempting and just as "fattening" as the edible kind of cake.  For your fabric stash, of course.

And because there are always new fabric collections providing new Layer Cakes, there needed to be a few new Cake Mixes.  Four of them.

As always, each Recipe pad has 44 Recipe Cards.  Each Card is a stitching-paper grid that makes the pieces-parts for a block.  All four of these Cake Mixes make one block from one Recipe card.  Recipes 9 and 10 make blocks that finish at 9", Recipe 11 makes blocks that finish at 7.5", and Recipe 12... that's the odd-ball in the group.  Recipe 12 blocks finish at 9.375".  It fit on the paper so why not?

This is Cake Mix 9 made with Farmhouse II by Joanna Figueroa for Fig Tree & Co.Farmhouse II will be in shops in October.  The block shown here - a Honeymoon block - mixes the parts from the stitched grids for variety.  This quilt was made with 36 blocks - 36 stitched CM9 Recipe cards.  The grid makes four matching quarter-triangle-squares, eight matching half-triangle-squares and yield four background squares and four print squares.  The center square?  That requires a charm pack - matching or not.

That's in bold type on the front of the cover of Cake Mix Recipe 9Matching Charm Pack Required.

This quilt was made with 1 Farmhouse II Layer Cake, 1 Farmhouse II 5" x 5" Charm Pack, approximately 4.25 yards of background-sashing fabric and 1 yard of border fabric.  Both of those fabrics are from the collection.  It measures 70" x 70" finished.

It was probably a bit too sunny to be taking quilt pictures outside but the lighting was still prettier than it was inside.  You'll forgive me for now, right?

This is Cake Mix Recipe 10 - a Jacob's Ladder Block.  There are others but this is probably my favorite.  The fabric is Harriet's Handwork by Betsy Chutchian.

For this quilt, we used two Harriet's Handwork Layer Cakes and approximately 2 yards of light background prints from the collection.  Harriet's Cake Mix 10 measures 63" x 72" - 56 blocks set in seven rows of 6 blocks each without sashing or borders.  Harriet's Handwork will be in shops in October.

Regency Ballycastle Chintz by Christopher Wilson-Tate.

You've probably figured out that this is Cake Mix 11 because - sometimes - I am predictable.  Forty-eight blocks - forty-eight Recipe cards.  The quilt measures 65" x 66"... at least it should.  (If my math is correct.  And my memory.) (That's what happens when quilts travel as soon as they're finished... details have to be "guessed at.")

This quilt took two Regency Ballycastle Chintz Layer Cakes and some additional background for blocks, sashings
and borders.  The HTSs in the border are from the Layer Cake, a "hack" that I'll share soon.  It's so easy, you could probably figure it out without me.

And finally, Dandi Annie.  Love. This. Quilt.  (And this fabric.)

The fabric collection is by Robin Pickens.  If you had any kind of passing fancy for Poppy Mae or Blushing Peonies, I think you're going to love Dandi Annie because the color palette of Coral, Green, Gold, Gray
and Black is similar.  (As in, if you still have any of those collections left, save them.  They'll mix beautifully with Annie.)

There are several block options with Cake Mix 12 but we particularly love the Propeller Block.  As with Cake Mix 9, the pieces from different Recipe cards are mixed to create scrappy blocks.  There are 36 blocks in this quilt, set in six rows of six blocks each.  The quilt uses one Dandi Annie Layer Cake, one Bella Solid 98 Layer Cake and approx. 1.5 yards of Bella Solid 98 for sashings and borders.  The finished quilt measures approx. 70" x 70".  

Because of the mix of prints in this collection, this quilt could be made to measure approx. 70" x 80" with forty-two blocks set in seven rows of six blocks each.  Or the extra blocks can go on the back... like Melissa Corry did when she made this.

For our purposes, square is usually easier.  But this is one of those terrific collections where "bigger" - or "longer" - is an option.

So these are the four new Cake Mixes.  I know that I am totally, completely biased but I love this group of Recipes and quilts.  

The "Recipes" for each of these quilts is "coming soon" - meaning that someone is actually writing the pattern as you read this.  With a couple of the quilts being finished a few days before Spring Market, I'm just a wee bit behind.  

But... we've got Cake so it's all good.  Four of them.  (Cake Mixes 9 through 12 are in shops now. 

One last thing to share, my favorite Carrot Cake Recipe.  Thank you, Nana Nelson. 

Happy Tuesday!