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Mix 'n Match: Combining Moda Collections

Mix 'n Match: Combining Moda Collections

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Hello! It's Sherri from A Quilting Life, and today I'd like to talk a little bit about mixing and matching Moda collections. Mixing and matching collections is one of my favorite things to do in my quilt projects--I think mixing it up just a bit adds a lot of depth and interest to your quilts.
A few years ago I fell in love with the Urban Chiks collection, 1974; I was a little late to the party, though, and was only able to gather a charm pack and a few fat quarters. My little collection sat in a box until one day I realized it coordinated really well with the new Urban Chiks collection, Boho. I also found that Urban Cowgirl (also by Urban Chiks) worked really well with both lines--so...problem solved! I now have a workable stash and have already started a few projects mixing these collections.

I often quilt using the various Fig Tree collections in combination with one another--they seem to work so wonderfully well together.

But there are also combinations of fabric collections that work amazingly well that you might not think of without stepping a little bit out of "the box."

Here is a fun combination I found almost by accident...the fabrics on top are from Boho by Urban Chiks while the fabrics underneath them are Avalon by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Company. I love the way these collections work together.

Here are the greens from both Boho and Avalon...isn't this fun?!

And here is another Boho/Avalon combination--I just love the way the Avalon aquas look with the greens in Boho.

And how about these navy fabrics? Navy pieces from Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie & Camille are on top with navy fabrics from Avalon beneath them. I love combining the various collections by Bonnie & Camille, too--I'm currently working on a quilt using Bliss, Ruby, Vintage Modern, and Happy Go Lucky--it's been so fun to combine all of those lines.

There are so many fun combinations you can come up with by mixing fabric lines. Background fabrics and neutrals often look fantastic when mixed with other fabric collections, too. I'll finish up for today with a collage of some more fun coordinates. From top left and going clockwise we have:

  • Greens from Comma by Zen Chic and greens from Happy Go Lucky
  • Brights from Ticklish by Me & My Sister and brights from Snap Pop by Sandy Gervais
  • Pinks from Honey Honey by Kate Spain, and pinks from Posy by Aneela Hoey
  • And finally, brights from Simply Color by Vanessa Christenson of V & Co. and Cuzco by Kate Spain

I hope you've had a little fun today with some of these mix 'n match collections. I'm just wondering, do you have a favorite Moda combination?

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