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Winter Stars Quilt

Winter Stars Quilt

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Makes a 90" square quilt


  • (49) 2½” x WOF strips of various blue solids
  • 6½ yards background fabric
  • 2½ yards star points and binding
  • 5¼ yards backing fabric

From background fabric, cut:
(24) 6½’’x WOF strips; subcut into (140) 6½” squares
(21) 2½’’x WOF strips

From star point/binding fabric, cut:
(34) 2½’’x WOF strips; set aside 9 for binding and cut remaining 25 strips into 2½” squares



Step 1. Make Block A

This is a classic Snowball. Sew one 2½” square on the corner of one 6½” square, stitching from corner to corner.  Trim ¼” away from seam and press toward darker fabric. Repeat on each corner.

Make 84.   


Step 2. Make Block B

Repeat method from Step 1 to make partial Snowball blocks.

Make 28.


Step 3. Make Block C

Use the blue strips and background strips to make 9-patch blocks. We placed the same dark print at the center of ours.

Sew strip sets  as shown. Cut into 2½” wide segments and join segments into 9-patch blocks.

Make 85


Step 4. Assemble the Quilt

Join blocks as shown to create quilt center. Add inner and outer borders. Press well. Layer, baste, quilt and bind as desired.