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Sew A Little Love Bug

Sew A Little Love Bug

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Carrie Nelson

Giving back.  Using our sewing skills to help others.  A year ago, we were making face masks, nursing caps and anything that was needed.  This year, we’re sewing to help children at risk, including those suffering after this past year.

There is so much to share, so let’s start with the what, the why, the who and the how.

This is a Love Bug.

CT Sew A Little Love Bug Batik Bug 

It’s a stuffed friend – a pillow – given to children.  Many will include a note tucked inside with words of encouragement, of support.    

What is the Love Bug program - the Sew A Little Love Bug?

Moda Fabrics has partnered with the Creativity Shell to make and donate Love Bugs through the Sew a Little Love Bug campaign.  We share a commitment to giving back to our communities, eliminating inequality, and helping people in need.  Especially children.  This partnership also shares a mutual calling to support youth mental health awareness and arts education.  That is how the Sew A Little Love Bug campaign started.

It has been such a difficult year for children all over the world with schools closed, and activities cancelled, because of the COVID pandemic. Their mental health has been tested and Love Bugs might just become the only Bug they want to catch.  Did you know that most children in foster programs only have enough possessions to fit in a single bag or pillowcase?  A child receiving a Love Bug not only gets a stuffed friend of their own, but receives a message that someone sees them, someone cares about them.  That reinforcement might not seem like much to an adult, but it can make a world of difference to a child.

CT Sew A Little Love Bug With Note

What is the Creativity Shell?

Founded by Shelancia Daniel, it is a nonprofit organization that teaches sewing/textile arts, cooking, building and other creative trades to students in its private studios, libraries, schools, ABA therapy centers, the juvenile justice system, and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking. All of the classes are designed to teach children essential life and practical skills.

CT Sew A Little Love Bug Shelancia & Kids

When the Creativity Shell began teaching sewing/textile arts classes in local schools, they were faced with a larger crisis than initially imagined. With a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, Shelancia realized that one of the biggest challenges being faced was the lack of practical skills among the students we are teaching.  High school students in the classes couldn’t tie their shoelaces, cut fabrics with scissors or thread needles, and many could not re-attach a button to a shirt. The inability to use practical skills led to extreme frustration, and poor problem-solving and decision-making skills.

CT Sew A Little Love Bug Teaching Kids to Sew

Why is Youth Mental Health Awareness so important?

Strong mental health is a stepping stone to preparing children for success. Learning practical skills teaches children coping mechanisms, and problem-solving skills, in ways they will carry forever.  And once a child has learned to create, they have endless potential to support themselves emotionally and financially, reducing their susceptibility to things like homelessness, drugs and gangs, the “school to prison pipeline, and human trafficking.

How can I help – how can I Sew A Little Love Bug?

Five Fat Quarters and a Love Bug pattern.  A bit of ricrac, ribbon or trim is optional.  Buttons or scraps for the eyes, and stuffing.

The pattern is a perfect beginner sewing project that began as a “Keep One, Donate One” project with a Girl Scout troop.  

CT Sew A Little Love Bug Sweetwater Love Bugs

The Sweetwater ladies love making Love Bugs!

Where do I get the Love Bug pattern?

Ask for it at your favorite quilt shop!  Many of our Moda shops will be teaching kids’ sewing classes, and gathering Love Bugs to donate in their community.

What if my local shop isn’t participating?

We can help!  This is a list of participating shops - Where to Buy Sew A Little Love Bug Pattern & Kits.

CT Sew A Little Love Bug Me & My Sister Love Bug

Barbara Groves of Me & My Sister made a Love Bug - a happy, bright one.

Sew A Love Bug Pattern

The best person to tell you about the Creativity Shell and making Love Bugs is Shelancia herself.

What is Moda doing for this?

When the decision-making, problem-solving folks at Moda learned about the Creativity Shell, and it’s commitment to include free mental health therapy to students in their arts education classes, they were excited to use the company’s resources to help raise money.  To that end, Moda will be donating to the Creativity Shell to help pay for art therapy programs to kids between 5 and 17 years old, as well as mental health therapy.

We'll be sharing more about the Sew A Little Love campaign on social media in May, and throughout the year.

CT Sew A Little Love Bug Catch the Bug

Be sure to share your Love Bugs on social media using #LoveBugs - #SewALittleLoveBug - #YouthMentalHeathAwareness.

If you’re interested in learning more – and doing more – www.CreativityShell.org.  And follow them on Facebook - Creativity Shell and Instagram - @creativityshell.

To read more about Shelancia and the Creativity Shell - Behind the Scenes at Creativity Shell

CT Sew A Little Love Bug CS Team

The Creativity Shell team. 

We look forward to sewing a little love.  And making Love Bugs.

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