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Sampler Spree QAL - Week 10

Sampler Spree QAL - Week 10

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

Make these last blocks and you're finished.  You've made 106 sampler blocks in an assortment of evenly distributed colors.  You'll only need 100 blocks for the Give And Take setting in the book, so you can make more for a bigger quilt, include the leftover blocks in your backing, or use them to make a tablerunner, a wallhanging or pillows.


CT SS QAL Week 10 Orange Fabrics 

Here are the Week 10 blocks. 

CT SS QAL Week 10 Orange Blocks

The last ten blocks are:

  • #9 - Tussy Mussy
  • #11 - Lacy Lattice Work
  • #26 - Gift Box
  • #45 - Courthouse Steps
  • #53 - Cheyenne
  • #57 - Checkers
  • #61 - Maple Star
  • #70 - Spinning Tops
  • #74 - Nine-Patch Star
  • #77 - Thrifty

CT SS QAL Week 10 Bonus Project Tablerunner 

Halloween Table-Runner Instructions

A few last blocks to share from the Moda Block Heads Facebook Group.

CT SS QAL Week 10 Facebook Yana Garing

Yana Garing.

CT SS QAL Week 10 Facebook Valerie Laha House

Valerie Laha House.

CT SS QAL Week 10 Facebook Chris Aliseo

Chris Aliseo.

When I saw Chris' blocks, I knew I wanted to share them here.  I never did figure out why Facebook was "automatically declining" some posts, but Chris had several that were removed.  I restored them as soon as I saw the notification.  In all the weeks, Chris never complained, or even questioned why it was happening.  She just kept making beautiful blocks and sharing them.  

Wake Up.  Be Kind. Be Amazing.  Be Grateful.  Repeat.  

In my book, that's Chris.  

And we have a finish.

CT SS QAL Week 10 Facebook Donna Strum

Donna Strum.  

The light blue and white sashing is a perfect addition to these happy, colorful blocks.

Are you close to finishing?  

Close or not, I hope you're enjoying the Sampler Spree quilt, and Susan's wonderful process for these blocks.

A big, big, BIG thank you to Susan Ache!  Her plan was different, creative, a lot of fun, and yes, genius.  Working with her on these blog posts, and chatting with her about colors, fabrics, and inspiration was a pleasure.  I love how she divided these blocks and worked in color groups.  Picking fabrics was easier, and it meant that there would automatically be a good distribution of colors through the quilt.  This was so much fun... we might need to do something like this again.  (Just saying.)

CT SS QAL Week 10 Orange Fabrics 2

Be sure to share your blocks on social media - #samplerspreeqal

For a PDF of this post - Sampler Spree QAL - Week 10.

(If the link for this PDF isn't working, please try again later.)

And if you missed any of the Sampler Spree blog posts - Sampler Spree Quilt-Along

Have a terrific day!

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