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Midnight Moon QAL- Week 7

Midnight Moon QAL- Week 7

Written by: 
Tammy Vonderschmitt


There will be no tricks this week, just treats, we have a couple of easy blocks.

Split Nine Patch 

This variation of a nine patch can be made to look so fancy and difficult to make by just using HST in place of the squares of the nine patch.  This block reminds me of those cute candies that are wrapped and twisted at the ends.  There is also something graphically intriguing about this block, is it the orange gingham? This would be such a good block to play with in many ways including setting it on point.

Split Nine Patch all sizes


Twin Star 

Twin Star is another nine patch variation that looks harder than it is to make.  

Twin Star week 7

 The star points uses two different sizes of triangles and the only trick is keeping track of which way they need to go.  Using clothes pins marked with the unit A, B, etc.  help me when sizes are hard to tell what is what.  

MMQAL Twin Star      


When sewing the triangle blocks units together, make sure you sew all the units the exact way.  The sections are directional on where the fabrics are placed. Here I put the background on top and sewed all 4 triangle units at once. Pressing open helps reduce bulk when sewing the sewn triangles to the larger one.  


MMQAL week 7 how to



MMQAL Week 7

Remember to always square up the unit with the corners at the corners of the markings of the ruler.   I’ve used GEasy Ruler stickers, they are sticky and reusable. 


Ge Easy Ruler Stickers  

GE Easy Ruler Stickers Stock # GE 1100 shown above. Available in additional colors

 More info about these stickers -  GE Easy Ruler Stickers. Arrow stickers in 3 bright colors contrast with different fabrics and cutting mats so you can easily mark your rulers, templates, cutting mats and more! Use the arrows to quickly identify the lines you need to use on your ruler. Use different colors for different cuts. You can write on the stickers with a permanent marker. 192 stickers in 3 colors, easily removable without sticky residue and reusable. 

How are you doing so far with your blocks?  Are you keeping up weekly or binge sewing when you have time? May is always a crazy busy time of year with prom, graduations, gardening and more. Don't feel bad if you are juggling it all. We are almost done with the blocks and will start on the finishing series soon.

What tips have you found in organizing your fabric and blocks for this quilt along? 

For me having a dedicated area in my sewing room for ongoing projects is a must. 


Midnight Magic II fabrics

 Fabrics for this project started out in the cardboard lid. At work we go through lots of paper so the 11 x 17 paper box lids have come in very handy for storage and toting things back and forth from home to work. They are not the most stylish things but it works and I have several going at any one time.


 Bamboo Tray organizer


I have fallen in love with the Bamboo Adjustable Tray organizers and organize all my scrap pieces according to size for when we get to the finishing stages of the blocks. I am also the proud owner of a label maker and I am having fun marking the sections.


MMQAL Twin Star all sizes

Be sure and check back next week. We have a few "goodies" in store that could end up at your house.

What is your favorite candy at Halloween or to snack on while sewing?  

If you're sewing along with us and you're on Instagram and/or Facebook, be sure to share your blocks using the hashtag - #modamidnightmoonqal.

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