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Fuzzy Sweater

Fuzzy Sweater

Written by: 
Mona Phelps



6" finished block (6 1/2" unfinished)


NOTE: This is a reverse applique block.  Any leftover strips will work to piece the stripes but we have listed exact cuts and colors below to match the image shown.

From Green (9900 65), cut:
{A} (1) 1½” x 6½” strip

From Bubble Gum (9900 88), cut:
{B} (1) 1⅝” x 6½” strip

From Ruby Ice (9900 169), cut:
{A} (1) 1½” x 6½” strip

From Betty’s Pink (9900 120), cut:
{B} (1) 1⅝” x 6½” strip

From Betty’s Green (9900 169), cut:
{A} (1) 1½” x 6½” strip

From Peacock (9900 216), cut:
{C} (1) 1⅛” x 6½” strip

From Christmas Green (9900 14), cut:
{D} (1) 7” square

Applique supplies:
Paper, freezer paper, or tear-away embroidery stabilizer



Using scrap pieces or cut pieces 1.5” x 6.5”, sew together enough so that your block is at least 6.5x 6.5” (this is your own design - you can use a solid piece or tiny pieces or anything in between)



Print or draw sweater outline onto a piece of copy paper, freezer paper, or tear-away stabilizer.

Layer pieced block, foreground fabric, then sweater outline on top. Pin together so that fabric will not shift when sewing.

Sew along the outline with a short stitch (1.5-2 length).  Remove freezer paper/stabilizer.

Reinforce stitches (either use a straight stitch and go over a couple of times or use a decorative stitch.)
Trim away fabric from inside the sweater lines, leaving about ⅛-¼” excess fabric. This will fray as the quilt is used/washed, giving a “fuzzy” look. (If you don’t want the frayed look, use pinking shears.)

Trim excess fabric from back of the block.  Trim block to 6½” square unfinished size.


Mona Phelps

Bluegrass Stitches



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