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BH4 - Block 7

BH4 - Block 7

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Lisa Bongean.  Are you expecting 1,237 tiny half-triangle squares?

CT BH4 Block 7 Lisa Bongean - Abby

We might have been, but we love that Lisa keeps us guessing... keeps us on our toes.

This is Game Board.  Squares and rectangles.

Instructions - Blockheads 4 Block 7 - Game Board

The block above is Moda Abby's, it's made with fabrics from a couple of Ruby Star Society collections, including First Light, Add It Up, and Grid.

CT BH4 Block 7 Lisa Bongean - Tammy

These are Tammy V's blocks made with Sincerely Yours by Sherri & Chelsi.

After making her blocks, Tammy realized that the small block was the same size as the pieced center of the big block.  Hmmm... what if?

CT BH4 Block 7 Lisa Bongean - Both Blocks Tammy

How great is this?  The same two fabrics, with one quarter-turn of the small block to create an entirely new block!  Genius!

(And yes, we think she'll be adding this variation to her stack of blocks.)

We also want to share these small blocks of Abby's.  

CT BH4 Block 7 Lisa Bongean - Abby Small Blocks

If you missed it, the instructions for today's block - Blockheads 4 Block 5 - Game Board

If you're new, and you want to know how to join in, just start making blocks.  Everything we've shared so far can be found here - Blockheads 4 - Archive.

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P.S. There's a Bonus Block coming on Friday, May 6.  You'll find it posted here - Blockheads 4 - Archive.