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Minick & Simpson

Minick & Simpson

Polly and Laurie are sisters that share of the love all things textile.

Laurie is known for the quilts she creates and Polly hooks a rug to match. They have shared and taught their unique folk art style and aesthetic in the United States and in France – occasionally teaching together.  Their fabrics have been rendered in quilting-weight cottons, classic twills and plaids and pure over-dyed wools. They combined all these loves into fabrics that include 100% cotton prints, Classic twills and 100% over-dyed wools.

Polly and Laurie are the authors of several best-selling books – Victory Girls, The Spirit of Sacagawea, American Summer: Seaside Inspired Rugs & Quilts, Folk Art Friends; Hooked Rugs and Coordinating Quilts, Everyday Folk Art: Hooked Rugs and Quilts to Make, Modern Primitive Quilts: Redefining Country Style and Americana Rugs.

They have been also been featured in numerous magazines – national and international – including:  Quiltmania, Country Home, American Patchwork & Quilting, McCall’s Quilting, Victoria, and Architectural Digest.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Classic Grand Haven fcc_grand-haven.pdf jpg_grand-haven.zip 2024.09
Classic Sunrise Side fcc_sunrise-side.pdf jpg_sunrise-side.zip 2023.10
Metro Union Square fcc_union-square.pdf jpg_union-square.zip 2023.04
Classic Ridgewood fcc_ridgewood.pdf jpg_ridgewood.zip 2023.02
Classic Isabella fcc_isabella.pdf jpg_isabella.zip 2022.09
Classic Isabella Wovens fcc_isabella.pdf jpg_isabella-wovens.zip 2022.09
Classic 108 Star Bunting fcc_108-star-bunting.pdf jpg_108-star-bunting.zip 2022.01
Classic Newport fcc_newport.pdf jpg_newport.zip 2022.01
Classic Belle Isle fcc_belle-isle.pdf jpg_belle-isle.zip 2021.08
Classic Roselyn fcc_roselyn.pdf jpg_roselyn.zip 2021.02
Classic Harbor Springs 2020/fcc_harbor-springs.pdf 2020/jpg_harbor-springs.zip 2020.08
Classic Mackinac Island Prints 2020/fcc_mackinac-island.pdf 2020/jpg_mackinac-island.zip 2020.01
Classic Northport Prints 2019/fcc_northport-prints.pdf 2019/jpg_northport-prints.zip 2019.09
Classic Northport Silky Wovens 2019/fcc_northport-silky-wovens.pdf 2019/jpg_northport-silky-wovens.zip 2019.09
Classic Crystal Lake 2019/fcc_crystal-lake.pdf 2019/jpg_crystal-lake.zip 2019.02
Classic Portsmouth fcc_portsmouth.pdf jpg_portsmouth.zip 2018.08
Classic Farmhouse Reds 2018/fcc_Farmhouse-Reds.pdf 2018/jpg_farmhouse-reds.zip 2018.01
Classic Ann's Arbor 2017/fcc_Anns-Arbor.pdf 2017/jpg_anns-arbor.zip 2017.08
Christmas Snowfall 2017/fcc_snowfall.pdf 2017/jpg_snowfall.zip 2017.04
Classic Cottonworks 2016/fcc_cottonworks.pdf 2016/jpg_cottonworks.zip 2016.09
Classic Grand Traverse Bay 2016/fcc_grand-traverse-bay.pdf 2016/jpg_grand-traverse-bay.zip 2016.08
Classic Miss Scarlet 2016/fcc_miss-scarlet.pdf 2016/jpg_miss-scarlet.zip 2016.03
Classic Polka Dots and Paisley 2015/fcc_polka-dots-paisleys.pdf 2015/jpg_polka-dots-and-paisley.zip 2015.08
Classic Austin Bluebird 2014/fcc_austin-bluebird.pdf 2014/jpg_austin-bluebird.zip 2014.12
Classic Crazy for Red 2014/fcc_crazy_for_red.pdf 2014/jpg_crazy-for-red.zip 2014.11
Classic Lexington 2014/fcc_lexington.pdf 2014/jpg_lexington.zip 2014.08
Classic Grant Park 2014/fcc_grant-park.pdf 2014/jpg_grant-park.zip 2014.01
Classic Midwinter Reds 2013/fcc_midwinter-reds.pdf 2013/jpg_midwinter-reds.zip 2013/fp_midwinter-reds-scarf.pdf 2013.09
Classic Indigo Crossing 2013/fcc_indigo_crossing.pdf 2013/jpg_indigo-crossing.zip 2013.02
Classic Independence Trail 2012/fcc_independence_trail_minick_and_simpson.pdf 2012/jpg_independence-trail.zip 2012/fp_wool-penny-rug.pdf 2012.08
Classic Prairie Paisley II 2012/fcc_prairie_paisley_II.pdf 2012/jpg_prairie-paisley-2.zip 2012.01
Classic American Banner Rose 2011/fcc_american_banner_rose.pdf 2011/jpg_american-banner-rose.zip 2011/fp_american-banner-rose.pdf 2011.09
Classic Quilts of Valor 2011/fcc_Quilts_of_Valor.pdf 2011/jpg_quilts-of-valor.zip 2011/fp_flag-of-valor.pdf 2011.04
Classic Charlevoix 2011/fcc_Charlevoix.pdf 2011/jpg_charlevoix.zip 2011.01
Classic Clermont Farm 2010/fcc_clermont_farm.pdf 2010/jpg_clermont-farm.zip 2010.09
Classic Halloween Night 2010/fcc_Halloween_Night.pdf 2010/jpg_halloween-night.zip 2010.07
Classic Bar Harbor 2010/ll_Bar_Harbor.pdf 2010/jpg_bar-harbor.zip 2010.02