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Lella Boutique

Lella Boutique

It was inevitable that I should become a quilter. Addictions of this magnitude tend to be familial, and boy have I been predisposed. I’ve got my mother to blame–she shared her sewing and design knowledge with me since I was a little girl. Thanks to her, I became a full-blown quilt addict by the time I was sixteen years old. Of all my mother’s talents, however, I was most impressed by her ability to incorporate a sense of magic into all aspects of life.

Now that I am grown, I find myself revisiting my childhood quite often as a source of inspiration. Back in 2010, I quit my job to stay at home with a new baby. After a few months of adjusting to my new role as mother, I became reacquainted with my sewing machine and decided to start a blog and pattern company called Lella Boutique. When I tried to come up with a business name, I kept thinking about a sweet pink toddler dress that my mom made for me to twirl around in. I called it my “Lella” dress–“Lella” being my way of saying “Cinderella” at that age. I could think of no sweeter emblem than that beloved dress to remind me to incorporate all of those wonderful childhood elements into my creative process.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Christmas Christmas Eve fcc_christmas-eve.pdf jpg_christmas-eve.zip 2023.05
Style Country Rose fcc_countryrose.pdf jpg_country-rose.zip 2022.08
Style Flower Pot fcc_flower_pot.pdf jpg_flower-pot.zip 2022.04
Style Love Note fcc_love-note.pdf jpg_love-note.zip 2021.11
Christmas Christmas Morning fcc_christmas-morning.pdf jpg_christmas-morning.zip 2021.05
Metro Smoke & Rust fcc_SmokeAndRust_LellaBoutique.pdf jpg_SmokeAndRust_LellaBoutique.zip 2021.04
Metro Folktale fcc_folktale.pdf jpg_folktale.zip 2020.10
Metro Bloomington 2020/fcc_bloomington.pdf 2020/jpg_bloomington.zip 2020.04
Metro Harvest Road + Digital Panel 2019/fcc_harvest-road.pdf 2019/jpg_harvest-road.zip 2019.10
Christmas Little Tree 2019/fcc_little-tree.pdf 2019/jpg_little-tree.zip 2019.05
Metro Lollipop Garden 2019/fcc_lollipop-garden.pdf 2019/jpg_lollipop-garden.zip 2019.04
Style Garden Variety 2018/fcc_garden-variety.pdf 2018/jpg_garden-variety.zip 2018.10
Metro Nest 2018/fcc_nest.pdf 2018/jpg_nest.zip 2018.03
Metro Farmer's Daughter 2017/fcc_Farmers-Daughters.pdf 2017/jpg_farmers-daughter.zip 2017.10
Metro Sugar Pie 2017/fcc_sugar-pie.pdf 2017/jpg_sugar-pie.zip 2017.03
Metro Olive's Flower Market 2016/fcc_olives-flower-market.pdf 2016/jpg_olives-flower-market.zip 2016.11
Style Little Miss Sunshine 2016/fcc_little-miss-sunshine.pdf 2016/jpg_little-miss-sunshine.zip 2016.04
Style Gooseberry 2015/fcc_gooseberry.pdf 2015/jpg_gooseberry.zip 2015.10
Style Into the Woods 2014/fcc_into-the-woods.pdf 2014/jpg_into-the-woods.zip 2014.08
Style Into the Woods 2014/fcc_into-the-woods.pdf 2014/jpg_into-the-woods.zip 2014.08