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Stacie is an illustrator, a mom of 3, a wife, and a proud Bloomfield, living in an adorable corner of beautiful Northwest Arkansas. She was a childhood creative, constant doodler, academic overachiever, and joy chaser who knew that all of those bunnies and puppy dog doodles she would sketch on napkins at restaurants would help her to become an artist when she was older.  Longing to truly find her creative voice, she studied printmaking and graphic design at university. A pit stop as a coffee shop manager, soon turned to an Etsy side hustle. She sold handmade pillows, art prints, and onesies, and worked in the margins of her already busy life. Coffee and a “never give up” attitude led to the creation of Gingiber, Stacie’s signature brand of illustrative gifts and stationery for women. Today, she leads a team of the most talented and hardworking women in Gingiber’s “Blue Door” Studio. Her team created the most relatable and beautiful cards, stationery, and gifts for women who need a dose of encouragement and a nostalgic dose of beauty.  Her beloved “Tea Towel Club” monthly subscription has delighted the counters of thousands of kitchens in the United States. 10+ years of slow and steady growth has led to longstanding wholesale relationships, tens of thousands of loyal and caring fans, and celebrated licensing collaborations and partnerships for home decor, nursery bedding, fabric lines, clothing, wallpaper, and books. Gingiber wants to partner with respected brands and trustworthy products. Stacie also teaches artists how to help their own sprouting art businesses grow through her online courses and membership. And to top it all off. She has plenty of time to binge watch “Anne of Green Gables”. Gilbert Blythe forever.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Christmas Merrymaking fcc_merrymaking.pdf jpg_merrymaking.zip 2022.05
Christmas Merrily 2017/fcc_merrily.pdf 2017/jpg_merrily.zip 2017/fp_merrily.pdf 2017.04
Christmas Merriment 2019/fcc_merriment.pdf 2019/jpg_merriment.zip 2019.04
Metro Zoology 2020/fcc_zoology.pdf 2020/jpg_zoology.zip 2020.08
Metro Birdsong fcc_birdsong.pdf jpg_birdsong.zip 2022.09
Metro Bramble Double Gauze 2019/fcc_bramble.pdf 2019/jpg_bramble-double-gauze.zip 2019.09
Metro Meadowmere fcc_meadowmere.pdf jpg_meadowmere.zip 2023.01
Metro Ahoy 2018/fcc_ahoy.pdf 2018/jpg_ahoy.zip 2018.05
Metro Savannah 2017/fcc_savannah.pdf 2017/jpg_savannah.zip 2017.08
Metro Catnip 2018/fcc_catnip.pdf 2018/jpg_catnip.zip 2018.01
Metro Bramble 2019/fcc_bramble.pdf 2019/jpg_bramble.zip 2019.09
Metro Farm Charm 2020/fcc_farm-charm.pdf 2020/jpg_farm-charm.zip 2020.02
Metro Enchanted 2018/fcc_enchanted.pdf 2018/jpg_enchanted.zip 2018.05
Metro Thicket 2016/fcc_thicket.pdf 2016/jpg_thicket.zip 2016/fp_thicket.pdf 2016.08
Metro Farm Fresh 2018/fcc_farm-fresh.pdf 2018/jpg_farm-fresh.zip 2018.11
Metro Dwell In Possibility fcc_dwell-in-possibility.pdf jpg_dwell-in-possibility.zip 2021.01
Metro Words To Live By fcc_words-to-live-by.pdf jpg_words-to-live-by.zip 2021.06
Metro Nocturnal fcc_nocturnal.pdf jpg_nocturnal.zip 2021.10
Style Quaint Cottage fcc_quaint-cottage.pdf jpg_quaint-cottage.zip 2023.09
Style Imaginary Flowers fcc_imaginary-flowers.pdf jpg_imaginary-flowers.zip 2024.02
Style Woodland Wonder fcc_woodland-wonder.pdf jpg_woodland-wonder.zip 2024.10
Style Bee Garden fcc_bee-garden.pdf jpg_bee-garden.zip 2025.03