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French General

French General

Twenty years ago, French General began in a barn along the Hudson River in upstate New York.  Open once a month, the barn was filled with all of Kaari’s favorite things – old French linen sheets, 19th century floral textiles and tickings, French buttons, beads and ribbon.   Eventually the shop moved to New York City, and then to Los Angeles – where French General continued to grow into what it is now.  It is a shop, a workshop offering classes on every manner of stitching, block printing and natural dyeing, and a design studio for Kaari and her husband, JZ.

French General began designing fabric and quilt patterns for Moda in 2008 with their first collection, Rouenneries.  Since then, Kaari and JZ have designed over 30 collections and 60 quilt patterns.  Filled with old French florals, petite prints, stripes and borders, the French General fabric collections are inspired by historical document fabrics but colored in a fresh new way.  Each collection features a shade of red, which has become synonymous with the French General brand.

In addition to quilt fabric and patterns, French General also designs interior fabric and wallcoverings, jewelry kits, and a whole collection of embroidery samplers and floss palettes – including their very own French Hoop – a brass and steel coil wire embroidery hoop manufactured by French General.

In the summer, Kaari hosts groups of women from around the world in the South of France to live in a large old house and visit local flea markets, artisans and villages – as well as craft and learn to cook like a Frenchwoman.  The French General Getaway has become a special event which is usually sold out a year in advance.

Kaari lives Los Angeles, California and spends her days thinking up creative ideas for French General as well as traveling the world teaching workshops and sharing her passion for vintage fabrics and crafting.

To learn more about French General – www.frenchgeneral.com

Read about Kaari’s ideas and inspiration on the French General’s blog – The Warp and the Weft – frenchgeneral.blogspot.com

And see our visual inspiration on Instagram – @frenchgeneral

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Classic Antoinette fcc_antoinette.pdf jpg_antoinette.zip 2024.01
Classic Atelier de France 2017/fcc_atelier-de-france.pdf 2017/jpg_atelier-de-france.zip 2017.11
Classic Bleu De France fcc_bleu-de-france.pdf jpg_bleu-de-france.zip 2023.02
Classic Bon Voyage 2015/fcc_bon-voyage.pdf 2015/jpg_bon-voyage-2014.zip 2015.04
Classic Bonheur De Jour fcc_bonheur_de_jour.pdf jpg_bonheur-de-jour.zip 2022.01
Classic Broderie fcc_Broderie_FrenchGeneral.pdf jpg_Broderie_FrenchGeneral.zip 2021.05
Classic Chafarcani 2019/fcc_chafarcani.pdf 2019/jpg_chafarcani.zip 2019.08
Classic Chateau De Chantilly fcc_chateau-de-chantilly.pdf jpg_chateau-de-chantilly.zip 2023.09
Classic Chateau Rouge 2012/fcc_chateau_rouge.pdf 2012/jpg_chateau-rouge.zip 2012/fp_chateau-rouge.pdf 2012.09
Christmas E'Sprit de Noel 2013/fcc_esprit-de-noel.pdf 2013/jpg_esprit-de-noel.zip 2013.05
Christmas Fa la la la la 2011/fcc_Fa_la_la_la_la.pdf 2011/jpg_fa-la-la-la-la.zip 2011.06
Christmas Fleur de Noel 2019/fcc_fleur-de-noel.pdf 2019/jpg_fleur-de-noel.zip 2019.06
Basics French General Favorites 2014/fcc_french-general-favorites.pdf 2014/jpg_french-general-favorites.zip 2014.09
Classic French General Woven Ginghams fcc_french-general-woven-ginghams.pdf jpg_french-general-woven-ginghams.zip 2025.03
Classic French Sashiko Wovens 2020/fcc_french-sashiko-wovens.pdf 2020/jpg_french-sashiko-wovens.zip 2020.02
Classic Jardin De Fleurs fcc_jardin-de-fleurs.pdf jpg_jardin-de-fleurs.zip 2021.02
Style Jardin de Versailles 2018/fcc_jardin-de-versailles.pdf 2018/jpg_jardin-de-versailles.zip 2018.04
Classic Josephine 2013/fcc_josephine.pdf 2013/jpg_josephine.zip 2013.11
Classic Joyeux Noel 2015/fcc_joyeux-noel.pdf 2015/jpg_joyeux-noel.zip 2015.05
Classic La Belle Fleur 2013/fcc_la_belle_fleur.pdf 2013/jpg_la-belle-fleur.zip 2013/fp_la-belle-fleur.pdf 2013.01
Christmas La Fete de Noel 2014/fcc_le_fete_de_noel.pdf 2014/jpg_la-fete-de-noel.zip 2014.06
Classic La Grande Soiree fcc_la-grande-soiree.pdf jpg_la-grande-soiree.zip 2022.10
Classic La Petite Ecole 2010/fcc_La_Petite_Ecole.pdf 2010/jpg_la-petite-ecole.zip 2010/fp_la-petite-ecole.pdf 2010.12
Classic La Rose Rouge 2020/fcc_la-rose-rouge.pdf 2020/jpg_la-rose-rouge.zip 2020.08
Style La Vie Boheme fcc_la-vie-boheme.pdf jpg_la-vie-boheme.zip 2021.09
Classic La Vie En Rouge 2018/fcc_la-vie-en-rouge.pdf 2018/jpg_la-vie-en-rouge.zip 2018.08
Classic Le Beau Papillon Prints 2020/fcc_le-beau-papillon.pdf 2020/jpg_le-beau-papillon.zip 2020.02
Style Le Bouquet Francais 2014/fcc_lebouquet-francais.pdf 2014/jpg_le-bouquet-francais.zip 2014.03
Classic Le Marais 2015/fcc_lemarais.pdf 2015/jpg_le-marais.zip 2015.10
Classic Lumiere De Noel 2010/fcc_Lumiere_de_Noel.pdf 2010/jpg_lumiere-de-noel.zip 2010/fp_lumiere-de-noel.pdf 2010.06
Classic Madame Rouge 2016/fcc_madame-rouge.pdf 2016/jpg_madame-rouge.zip 2016.08
Classic Maison De Garance 2010/fcc_maison_de_garance.pdf 2010/jpg_maison-de-garance.zip 2010/fp_maison-de-garance.pdf 2010.10
Style Panier de Fleurs 2011/fcc_panier_de_fleurs.pdf 2011/jpg_panier-de-fleurs.zip 2011.09
Christmas Petite Maisons de Noel 2017/fcc_petites-maisons.pdf 2017/jpg_petite-maisons-de-noel.zip 2017.06
Style Petite Odile 2012/fcc_petite_odile.pdf 2012/jpg_petite-odile.zip 2012.05
Classic Petite Prints 2014/fcc_petite_prints_and_wovens.pdf 2014/jpg_petite-prints.zip 2014.12
Classic Petite Prints Deux 2015/fcc_petite-prints-deux.pdf 2015/jpg_petite-prints-deux.zip 2015.12
Classic Petite Wovens 2014/fcc_petite_prints_and_wovens.pdf 2014/jpg_petite-wovens.zip 2014.12
Classic Pom Pom de Paris 2011/fcc_Pom_Pom_De_Paris.pdf 2011/jpg_pom-pom-de-paris.zip 2011/fp_pom-pom-de-paris.pdf 2011.03
Classic Pondicherry 2017/fcc_pondicherry.pdf 2017/jpg_pondicherry.zip 2017.01
Style Rouenneries Deux 2012/fcc_rounneries_deux.pdf 2012/jpg_rouenneries-deux.zip 2012.01
Classic Rouenneries Trois fcc_rouenneries-trois.pdf jpg_rouenneries-trois.zip 2024.10
Style Rue Indienne 2014/fcc-rue-indienne.pdf 2014/jpg_rue-indienne.zip 2014.09
Classic Rural Jardin 2010/fcc_Rural_Jardin.pdf 2010/jpg_rural-jardin.zip 2010/fp_rural-jardin.pdf 2010.03
Classic Sacre Bleu fcc_sacre-bleu.pdf jpg_sacre-bleu.zip 2025.03
Classic Souvenir Quilt Labels 2015/fcc_souvenir.pdf 2015/jpg_souvenir-quilt-labels.zip 2015.07
Classic Tres Jolie Lawn 2020/fcc_tres-jolie-lawn.pdf 2020/jpg_tres-jolie-lawn.zip 2020.05
Style Ville Fleurie 2016/fcc_ville-fleurie.pdf 2016/jpg_ville-fleurie.zip 2016.04
Classic Vive La France 2019/fcc_viva-la-france.pdf 2019/jpg_vive-la-france.zip 2019.02