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Bunny Hill Designs

Bunny Hill Designs

Anne Sutton has always loved crafts of any kind, but her love of sewing is what brought her to the quilting world. She fell in love with quilting, when she took a class at her local quilt shop! Once quilting became her passion, her love of appliqué soon became her obsession! Appliqué quilts tell a story and seeing that story come to life is what keeps Anne designing. Her appliqué quilts often determine the look and color of the fabric collections she designs for Moda. Anne and her husband live in Northern California. She loves flea market finds and cottage-style decorating. The center of Bunny Hill is a 400 sq. ft. loft area in her home with natural lighting, a big workspace, and room for all the things she loves. She’s an animal lover and spends the day in her studio, surrounded by the senior dogs she’s adopted.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style Puttin' on the Ritz 2011/fcc_puttin_on_the_ritz.pdf 2011/jpg_puttin-on-the-ritz.zip 2011.10
Classic Ooh La La 2012/fcc_ooh_la_la.pdf 2012/jpg_ooh-la-la.zip 2012.02
Style Windsor Lane 2012/fcc_windsor_lane.pdf 2012/jpg_windsor-lane.zip 2012.09
Style Jubilee 2013/fcc_jubilee.pdf 2013/jpg_jubilee.zip 2013.03
Style Bunny Hill Wools 2013/fcc_bunny-hill-wools.pdf 2013/jpg_bunny-hill-wools.zip 2013.03
Style Celebration 2013/fcc_celebration.pdf 2013/jpg_celebration.zip 2013.08
Christmas Winter Wonderland 2014/fcc_winter-wonderland.pdf 2014/jpg_winter-wonderland3.zip 2014.04
Style Mistletoe Lane 2015/fcc_mistletoe-lane.pdf 2015/jpg_mistletoe-lane.zip 2015.01
Style Kindred Spirits 2015/fcc_kindred-spirit.pdf 2015/jpg_kindred-spirits.zip 2015.08
Classic Spooky Delights 2016/fcc_spooky-delights.pdf 2016/jpg_spooky-delights.zip 2016.04
Christmas Sugar Plum 2017/fcc_sugar-plum.pdf 2017/jpg_sugar-plum.zip 2017.04
Style Lily and Will Revisited 2017/fcc_lily-will-revisited.pdf 2017/jpg_lily-and-will-revisited.zip 2017.05
Style Cottontail Cottage 2018/fcc_cottontail-cottage.pdf 2018/jpg_cottontail-cottage.zip 2018.01
Style 101 Maple Street 2018/fcc_101-maple-street.pdf 2018/jpg_101-maple-street.zip 2018.08
Christmas Merry Merry Snow Days 2019/fcc_merry-merry-snow-days.pdf 2019/jpg_merry-merry-snow-days.zip 2019.04
Style My Redwork Garden 2019/fcc_my-redwork-garden.pdf 2019/jpg_my-redwork-garden.zip 2019.09
Christmas Country Christmas 2020/fcc_country-christmas.pdf 2020/jpg_country-christmas.zip 2020.04
Style Squirrelly Girl 2020/fcc_squirrelly-girl.pdf 2020/jpg_squirrelly-girl.zip 2020.08
Christmas Crystal Lane fcc_CrystalLane_BunnyHillDesigns.pdf jpg_CrystalLane_BunnyHillDesigns.zip 2021.04
Style Prairie Days fcc_prairie-days.pdf jpg_prairie-days.zip 2021.09
Christmas I Believe In Angels fcc_i_believe_in_angels.pdf jpg_i-believe-in-angels.zip 2022.05
Classic The Flower Farm fcc_theflowerfarm.pdf jpg_the-flower-farm.zip 2022.08
Classic Sugarberry fcc_sugarberry.pdf jpg_sugarberry.zip 2023.04
Classic Blueberry Delight fcc_blueberry-delight.pdf jpg_blueberry-delight.zip 2023.09
Classic My Summer House fcc_my-summer-house.pdf jpg_my-summer-house.zip 2024.03
Classic Hollyhocks And Roses fcc_hollyhocks-and-roses.pdf jpg_hollyhocks-and-roses.zip 2024.11