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String-Along Update

String-Along Update

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Wow! The scraps and strings are flying because you be stringing it!

This is from the #modastringalong on Instagram. Quilters are making string blocks, getting very very creative and digging through their scraps. After just a few days, there were over two-hundred posts.

I'm going to share some of the works-in-progress with the quilter's name and what they wrote:

Megan - @canoeridgecreations. This is what life looks like these days - small moments of sewing while keeping these tiny little hands busy. I snuck a little scrappy string heart in during this morning’s nap. We have almost transitioned to one lonnnnngggg afternoon nap and it’s pretty much heaven. Lets do the math, if I can sew one - maybe two - blocks during nap time I’ll have a full quilt by.....hmmm, let’s see...carry the one and....Valentine's Day, maybe? A girl can dream! The real question is will I even see a dent in my scrap buckets?

Megan has finished four blocks!

Jamie - @liv2knitnsew. All done with the string blocks I need for the Starstruck pattern I'm making! This will be a leader-ender project from here on out, just making HSTs, and then sewing rows together. But I still have a HUGE pile of Bonnie & Camille scraps, so I see more of these fun blocks in my future!

Lauri - @laurispringer. I'm working on my string blocks this afternoon. I have 31 done right now. These are going quickly. It helps to have several bins of scraps that have already been cut into 1.5 inch strips and smaller strings!

Melissa Corry - @happyquiltingmc. My finished Selvage String Star!!! Eeekkk, so loving this!! Stringing Along with my friends at Moda Fabrics!

Chris - @handquilter1. I was inspired by the setting of the antique quilt in Moda’s post, but am now torn between two different layouts, liking that the second one is a little softer and “quieter”. (This is Layout 1.)

Chris - Coming along - still trying to tweak choosing the right fabrics for it to get the look I want. I forgot how messy a sewing room gets when working with strings!  (Chris chose this 2nd Layout - isn't it gorgeous?)

Betsy Chutchian - Moda Designer! - @betsy_chutchian. Had to join in with some late night sewing. So far, strips are from Susanna’s Scraps, coming in March, but am thinking I will mix in strips from my other lines as well. The more strips, the better.  I started saving used dryer sheets a little late to get a lot of sewing done now. So I’ll string along with this stringalong long after the rest of you have finished the quilt and had it quilted!

Amanda - @broadclothstudio. Kicking off the new year scrappily - and that’s fine by me! (We can't wait to see this one finished!)

Leigh Anne - @leighanne1123. Six blocks down... forty-ish more to go. (How colorful and gorgeous are these blocks?)

Tammy - @nithaystack. (Moda's own Tammy Vonderschmitt!) What a great way to start the New Year! I love where this is going. I’m going to fill in the double star with cream string blocks.

Debbie - @quiltedmoose. Sixteen blocks done and I love the look. But, I haven’t made a dent in the tub of scraps!

What about you? Are you stringing-along? If you're not, you know it's never too late to start. Just saying.

If you're on Facebook or Instagram - are you using the #modastringalong hashtag? We'd love to see what you're making!

We've got a few sew-alongs coming - scrap-busting, creative, don't-have-a-deadline projects. Some are fast, others can be made in different sizes - and a few come with actual patterns!

Happy Monday!

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