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Dec 31: Joy Quilt Label

Dec 31: Joy Quilt Label

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Mary Andra Holmes

We have reached the end of December, the end of 2018 and the end of our Countdown to Christmas! Today's block is a beautiful holiday applique design that makes the perfect finishing touch for your quilt label.

This block finishes at 6" or 12" square - you may choose to make it a different size for your quilt label! Simply adjust the scale on the PDF before you print the applique template. 

Joy 6 inch block

Joy page 1 12 inch block

Joy page 2 12 inch block

  • White background fabric - 7" square for 6" block  -  13" square for 12" block
  • Solid red for Christmas ornament top - 1.5" square for 6" block  -  2" square for 12" block.
  • Red dot for J and Y letters  -  5" sq. for 6" block  -  8" sq. for 12" block.
  • Red and white stripe for ribbon - 5" x  7" for 6" block  -  6" x 10" for 12" block
  • Red floss for embroidery, one skein - I used one strand for embroidery.
  • Supplies needed for your favorite method of applique.

Prepare your applique pattern pieces using your favorite method. Use placement guide for pattern pieces.

Method of preparation is the same for either size, with the exception of background fabric and pattern piece sizes.


Top of Christmas ball


6" block Joy 6 inch block

Use a 7" square of background fabric.

Christmas ball measures 3"

Using your favorite method of applique, use the pattern for making your pattern pieces and as a placement guide.

Use a pencil to trace ball line, hanging line on ribbon, MBS and 2018 or anything you want to add to your label.

When all applique is complete, embroider drawn lines using outline stitch or your favorite embroidery stitch.  I used one strand of floss for all embroidery.

When block is completed, iron and re-cut background fabric to 6.5".

12" block

Use a 13" square of background fabric.

Christmas ball measures 4.5"

There are two pattern sheets/placement guides that will need to be taped together to get size needed to fit a 12" square.

Align dash lines on page 1 over dash lines on page 2 making sure pattern pieces line up,  Tape together.  You will now have one piece to make all pattern pieces and pattern guide.

The preparation and assembly process will be the same as the 6" block.

When all applique and embroidery is completed, re-cut background fabric to 12.5" square.


This block finishes at 6" or 12" square.

I hope my Christmas block brings joy to all who make it.  Its been a fabulous year sharing my designs with Moda Back Shop followers.  Thank you for allowing me to use my love of hand applique to inspire others in this venue.

Mary Andra Holmes

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