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Block Heads 2 Blocks 16 - 18

Block Heads 2 Blocks 16 - 18

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

It's a Block Heads Bonanza today with three - yes, THREE! - blocks to share!

It's Week 15 and you might be wondering why there are three blocks this week... it's because I invited two people to join the Block Heads!  Decisions, decisions... while I sometimes have a hard time with that, this was a case of really, we need both of these amazing ladies in the group! 

Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic.  I first became familiar with Brigitte's work more than ten years ago when a lovely quilter e-mailed me to ask about my pattern, Labyrinth.  Uh, not my pattern.  No, really, I'm sure it is yours - I just know it is!  No, really, I'm pretty sure it's not... and yes, by now, I was curious.  So I Googled it and dang... I wish it had been my pattern!  

I've been a fan ever since.  

Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique is like Brigitte in the sense that she's always trying something new, playing with different looks, color palettes and styles.  Her work is immediately recognizable except it's not the same... if that makes sense.  

This is Love Letters from Vanessa's terrific, best-selling book, Charm School - 18 Quilts Made from 5" Charm Squares.  

That both Brigitte and Vanessa are smart, funny, hard-working, super-talented and really nice had no relevance at all.  None.  

Today's blocks are all made by Moda Michele:

Block 16 - Texas Puzzle Instructions  (Just click for the instructions.)

The fabrics are from Harriet's Handwork 1820-1840 by Betsy Chutchian.

The fabrics are from Jo Morton's Timeless collection.

So this week's blocks are:

Block 16 - Texas Puzzle Instructions  

Block 17 - Big Storm Instructions

Block 18 - MishMash Instructions

As for my blocks... I'm still unpacking and I wish I could tell you that my sewing room was the first priority but since it will take the longest to do, I've saved it for last.  But I'll catch up!  

Brigitte's version of Block 15 - Corner Pocket

Note: If the blogs aren't up or the links aren't working, check the Moda Block Heads 2 Archive.  Because if you're reading this, it's been updated and it might just have what you're looking for.  

Brigitte's Version of Block 14 - Fidget Spinner

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Then be sure to check the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group and the blocks being posted on Instagram – #ModaBlockheads

Vanessa's version of Block 11 - Direction

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That's it for Week 15 of the Block Heads 2.

Happy Wednesday!