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Sweet Diamonds Baby Quilt

Sweet Diamonds Baby Quilt

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Jessica Dayon

Hi, Everyone!  Jessica Dayon (@jessicadayon), here.  Today I'm so excited to share a new quilt that I've designed!  Because it is set on point, it looks more difficult than it is and it turns out so beautifully.  If you have never made an on point quilt before, give this a try, you will be so happy you did!

This baby-sized quilt finishes at 39.5" x 50.5".

12 Layer Cake squares- used here Home Sweet Home Layer Cake® by Stacy Iest Hsu {SKU 20570LC}
1 2/3 yards background fabric {SKU 9900 97}
3 1/2 yards backing fabric {SKU 20572 11}
1/2 yard binding fabric {SKU 20577 13}


Cut the background fabric as follows-

-cut 2- 9" x WOF strips; subcut into 6- 9" squares

-cut 2- 6.5" squares from the fabric remaining from the above step

-cut 1- 12.75" x WOF strip; subcut into 3- 12.75" squares

-cut 6- 4" x WOF strips

Take the 12 layer cake squares and match them into pairs.  On one square from each pair, draw a line from corner to corner and then draw a line on each side of that 1/4" away from the center line.


Keeping the right sides together, sew two squares together along the outer lines.

Cut along the center line.

Press open.

Draw a line from corner to corner that perpendicular to the one you already have sewn.  Draw a line on each side of that 1/4" away from the center line.

Match 2 squares together so that the seams are nested and right sides are together.

Sew along the outer lines.  Cut along the center line.  Press open.

Trim to 9" square.

Take the 3- 12.75" squares and subcut into 4 triangles per square, as shown below. These are called setting triangles.

Lay out the pinwheel squares, 9" squares, and setting triangles as shown.  Sew in diagonal rows as shown in the picture below.


Once your rows are sewn, begin sewing together to make the top.

Take the 2- 6.5" squares and subcut into 2 triangles per square, as shown below. These are called corner triangles.

After all of the rows are together, sew a corner triangle at each corner.

Use your ruler and rotary cutter, to even trim each edge to make it a completely straight line.

Sew a 4" x WOF along the top and bottom of the quilt top.  Trim the excess overhang.  Cut one 4" x WOF strip in half.  Sew one half to each of the remaining 4" strips.  Sew each of these along the long sides of the quilt top.  Trim the excess overhang.

To finish your quilt, make your backing, baste your quilt, and quilt your quilt.  To bind your quilt, cut the binding fabric into 5-2.5″ strips.  And bind your quite as desired.




You can make two or three baby quilts at a time using this design and still use less than one layer cake!

To make two baby quilts at a time, you need the following:

24 Layer Cake squares
3 1/3 yards background fabric
2-  3 1/2 yards backing fabric
1 yard binding fabric

To make 3 baby quilts at a time, you need the following:

36 Layer Cake squares
5 yards background fabric
3- 3 1/2 yards backing fabric
1 1/2 yard binding fabric


You can also make this same style quilt but bigger ( sized 50.5" x 61.25).  I love this design so much, I am definitely going to make a bigger throw size in the future.  Also, sometimes I'm making a baby quilt and I'd also like to make the older sibling(s) something but a baby quilt is too small for them, so I sized up the baby quilt to make it similar to the new baby's quilt but bigger, just for the older sibling(s).  This version uses 20 layer cakes.  You can make this larger version and the baby size with one layer cake!


To make the larger version, you need the following:

20 Layer Cake squares
2 1/2 yards background fabric
4 yards backing fabric
5/8 yard binding fabric


The Sweet Diamonds baby-sized quilt finishes at  39.5" x 50.5".

I hope you enjoyed this baby quilt tutorial and that you are confidant enough to make an on-point quilt now!  Follow me on Instagram to see what I'm working on next- @skeinandhook. I'd love to see your Sweet Diamonds Quilt!  Tag me on Instagram in your post and use the hashtag #sweetdiamondsquilt.

Jessica Dayon

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