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Spring Quilt Market... next week?

Spring Quilt Market... next week?

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Many years ago, I read a terrific little book titled "The Spark: Igniting the Creative Fire That Lives Within Us All" by John U. Bacon and Lyn Heward.  The story is told by a fictional character searching to find meaning in his life, to reignite his creative spark.  So where does this man go to do that?  To Cirque du Soleil.

The point of all this is that one of the things I remember most from the book was how having a deadline and limitations (budget, the laws of physics, etc.) was actually creatively liberating because you had to start throwing ideas out, no matter how crazy they sounded.  As you weeded through the ridiculous and truly nutty ideas, other ideas were sparked, and along the way, you came up with a plan that was probably better than it would have been had you had unlimited time and fund.  Unless you could really figure out how to fly... in which case, that would probably be better.

That's what the week or so before Market is like.  (Both when I had my own little company and now.)  You've given up the idea of getting nineteen more quilts made but what if... and you're off and running.

While sharing that will have to wait another ten days or so, there are still some pre-Market collections that I haven't shared yet.  So let's get to that, okay?

Portsmouth by Minick & Simpson.  Portsmouth will be in shops in August 2018.

Portsmouth is Americana – as interpreted by Minick and Simpson. Indigoes and shirtings mix with crisp, clean prints in red, white and blue. When we found the large antique indigo print with the circular roses, it was so quintessentially “us” that it became the starting point for the collection.

Smitten by Bonnie & Camille - August 2018 delivery.

Have you ever been completely smitten? Well we certainly are with this new line! This romantic collection is full of vintage florals, checks, stripes and of course plenty of polka dots. We’ve added a warm linen and gorgeous blush to our signature Bonnie & Camille reds, aqua, apple green and navy. And just like being in love, it couldn’t be any sweeter.

La Vie En Rouge by Kaari Meng for French General - August 2018.

La Vie en Rouge is a classic collection of French reds and antique naturals with a fresh twist on 18th century florals and small prints. We used our collection to design a series of twelve doll quilts that use a variety of different techniques and skill levels. Our good friend, Lorraine Lovell, from Hettie’s Patch in Adelaide, South Australia, fell in love with one of our primitive quilts and helped us design La Fleur de Saint Antonin.

Lazy Days by Gina Martin - September 2018 delivery.

As soon as the weather starts to warm up in spring, I find myself drawn to the comfy chairs on our sunporch where I can wile away the day with a good book, an iced tea, and my pups for company. These days are extra special because they happen so infrequently, and I try not to feel guilty about it. After all, work will always be there. When I look back on my life, l want to remember these sweet times spent just “being”.

Metropolis by BasicGrey - in shops in August 2018.

Whatever the state or country, there is a large, busy city with a different kind of energy. Modern. Cosmopolitan. Industrial. Metropolis captures the mood of an urban environment with a graphic mix of text, pattern and color. Find your city center on the map print panel – it’s big enough fora pillow, tote, quilt medallion or wall art.

The map print panel is 24" in length and has two map blocks, each measuring 22" x 24".  This shows three panels - one in each colorway - folded to show the entire map.

Flourish by Natalia & Kathleen of Piece 'N Quilt.  Look for Flourish in August.

Flourish is calming shades of green, gray, teal and red. The prints stand on their own for accessories, pillows and garments, while the clean designs also work well mixed with other favorite collections. Surround yourself with Flourish as we have. These are the colors you’ll find in our homes, and the prints come from Natalia’s machine-quilting designs. The text print captures the quotes and inspirational messages we embrace every day… as we try to Flourish.

And Badda Bing by Me & My Sister Designs - an August 2018 collection.

The only thing quilters love more than polka dots are cherries! These cheery cherries mix with polka dots and hand-drawn flowers - they're all prints inspired by vintage feed sacks. A little bit of gingham, a splash of orange and Badda Bing… this is better than a sundae with a cherry on top!

This is Shannon Gillman Orr's Woodland Secrets.  It will be in shops in September.

"Once I lived in a 100-acre wood.  At first it was dark and foreign and scary, but over time, every little creative and mossy detail revealed a magical world.  The woodland opened it's secrets because I took the time to see."  

And finally, Play All Day by Sandy Klop for American Jane.  An August 2018 delivery.

London Bridges and Ring-Around-the-Rosey. Hobby horses and building blocks. Inspired by a vintage children’s book, Play All Day combines these images with prints in updated “retro” colors from the 1940s. American Jane’s four-print panel is back, accompanied by a funky square print and feedsack flowers for a collection that is perfect for sewing all day!

I couldn't find the fabric picture so this is Sandy's quilt - Eat Play Sleep Repeat.  Tiny piecing - this quilt finishes at 30" x 43".

With that... I'm off to see what crazy ideas I can make work.  Like finishing seven quilts by Friday.

(I'm kidding!  Only one.  I'm crazy but not that crazy.)

Happy Tuesday!

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