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We're going to Wisconsin!

We're going to Wisconsin!

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Well, not me.  But Moda.  The Moda Bake Shop.  When the Quilt Expo opens at the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall in Madison, Wisconsin today - Thursday, September 7 at 9:00 am, the Moda Bake Shop will be there as an exhibitor.  We won't be selling anything but we'll have lots to share.

Have you ever been to the Quilt Expo?  Have you been to Madison, Wisconsin?  As a quilter, it's a target-rich environment with many wonderful quilt shops.

This is what the Expo looked like in 2016...

Quilt Expo is presented by Wisconsin Public Television with Nancy Zieman - you know her best from Nancy's Notions, Sewing with Nancy, etc.  There are classes, lectures and presentations.  Ricky Tims and Tula Pink will be there on Thursday - tonight - and Friday nights, respectively.  There is a quilt show - take a peek at the 2016 Winners Gallery.

Last year, the Quilt Expo featured:

  • A 10-category juried and judged Quilt Contest Exhibit featuring 362 quilts.
  • A juried and judged Black & White Plus One Quilt Challenge featuring 70 quilts.
  • Six special quilt exhibit areas featuring 181 quilts and a Kids' Quilt Challenge featuring 9 quilts.
  • 126 lectures
  • 26 stage presentations
  • 30 Sit & Sew workshops
  • 18 Hands-on workshops
  • 396 vendor booths.

So why should you go to a big show or Expo like this?

  • The quilt exhibits and show - inspiration is everywhere!
  • See what's new in quilting - there are always product demos and new techniques to see and learn.
  • Take a class or attend a lecture-presentation!  It's an opportunity to hear what some of the true artists and experts in quilting have to say.
  • There are usually giveaways - prizes!
  • You're in a big building surrounded by other quilters!  What's not to love about that?
  • Shopping.  For some of us, it is the first, best reason to go.

If you do get to the Quilt Expo and are lucky enough to see Nancy Zieman, take a moment to thank her for everything she has done for sewing, quilting and our industry.

In this modern age of social media, it is often easy to forget about some of the women who made it happen for the rest of us.  Nancy Zieman was one of those women, starting Nancy's Notions in 1979 and the television series, Sewing with Nancy in 1982.  While Nancy is scheduled to be at the Expo, she announced her retirement over the weekend due to health reasons.

A Personal Note from Nancy Zieman Announcing Her Retirement

Here's hoping you have a good Thursday.

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