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A Cottage, a Porch and lots of Confetti...

A Cottage, a Porch and lots of Confetti...

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It's August and that means the following is happening on Hutton Drive - hot, humid days.  A warehouse sale.  Lots of new fabric collections

arriving - and shipping - daily.  Market plans are in full-swing.  A retreat for the sewers in the office and a teaching trip for moi.  And there's this new catalog of new collections...

There is a lot to share so I'm going to start with what the designers themselves have starting showing... with one or two little extras.

So let's get to it!

A cottage - Mama's Cottage by April Rosenthal.  This is the only picture April has shared so far but I love it and it perfectly captures the retro-modern color palette of her collection.

More Mama soon.

The Front Porch from Sherri & Chelsi takes the beautiful Ivory, Peach and Navy from Creekside - in shops next month - and changes the look by varying the Green, Aqua and Red.  The look if fresh, vibrant and very Spring - perfect timing as The Front Porch will be in shops in February.

This is Lattice - one of the new Front Porch quilts.

Lattice is fat-quarter-friendly and measures 70" x 82" - it was designed by Sherri McConnell for her A Quilting Life patterns.

Zen Chic - Brigitte Heitland.  Modern Backgrounds Colorbox.  Building on the Modern Backgrounds foundation of versatile prints that can be used again and again, Brigitte created new prints and added color.

I. Love. This.  Brigitte - a genius! - mixed her Modern Backgrounds Colorbox with a White Bella Solid to make this simple, spectacular low volume quilt.  (She used Cupcake Recipe 1, 1 MB Colorbox charm pack and 1 Bella Solid charm pack.)

Confetti!  We've got lots of confetti this month... let's start with the glitz.

Vanessa Christenson of V & Co. has taken her signature Ombré Basics and used the same glorious color with the same gorgeous shading and she's given it a whole new look with lots of dots - Ombré Confetti Metallic.

Dude Ranch is one of Vanessa's new quilts - vibrant color shading is accomplished easily with Ombré fabrics.  Look for Ombré Confetti Metallic in February.

There's more color with Me & My Sister's Confetti - a mix of polka dots, stripes, hexagon prints and a super-cool half-triangle print that comes in three gorgeous colorways.  (It's the border print below - wouldn't it make terrific postcards or wrapping paper?)

Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson are busy binding and will hopefully share a picture of this quilt when it's done... hint hint.

Wanderlust by Amy Ellis will be making it's way into shops in February.

Citrus color with a hint of spice, Wanderlust was inspired by the vibrant color of Indian formal wear.

Bouquet is one of Amy's new Wanderlust patterns, it is fat-quarter-friendly and measures 56" x 60".

That's just a taste but if you want to see more... get a cup of tea or coffee, pull up a chair and peruse the pages of Moda Piece Issue No. 27.

NOTE: Sadly, paper copies of Moda Piece catalogs are only available to wholesale customers of Moda Fabrics/United Notions.

If you take a look, let me know which collection you'd like to see more of... which one is your favorite.

Happy Friday!

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