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Tulip Fields Quilt

Tulip Fields Quilt

Written by: 
Audrey Mann

Tulip Fields is a bright and fun modern quilt, with a simple block that's set against a white background.  Solid fabrics add to the overall modern feel, but the tulip shape is a nod to the traditional.  You can find out more about our company and other patterns by visiting our website, The Cloth Parcel.  We also love to connect on Facebook and Instagram!

This quilt finishes at 60" x 67.5".


1 Kate Spain Designer Select Bella Solids Fat Quarter Bundle (12 fat quarters total)
3.25 yards Bleached White PFD Bella Solid background fabric
4 yards Green Tea Bella Solid backing fabric
5/8 yard Bermuda Bella Solid binding fabric


Begin by cutting each fat quarter into six 5" squares and six 4" squares.

Next, cut (15) 4" x Width of Fabric strips from your background fabric, and cut those into (144) 4" squares.

These pieces will be used for the tulip blocks.  Take the white 4" squares and divide them in half.  Cut 72 squares apart diagonally, and draw a diagonal line on the other 72 squares.

Pair each white 4" square with a drawn line with each of the 72 color 4" squares that were cut from the fat quarters.

Sew the squares with right sides together along the drawn line, and trim on one side 1/4" away from the seam.

Press the half-square triangle open, then cut apart on the diagonal line opposite to the seam.

Each tulip block requires one 5" square, one 4" white square cut into two triangles, and one half-square triangle cut into two triangles.  Lay out the block as shown below.

Sew the triangles on opposite sides of the square, making sure to match the centers of the square and the triangles.  Sewing with the triangle piece on the bottom will keep the fabric from stretching out too much.

Press open carefully.

Repeat with the other two sides.

That's all there is to the tulip block.  Square up your blocks.  They should be about 6.75" square, but you'll really just want to make sure they are all the same size, whether that's a little bit smaller or a little bit bigger.  You will end up with 72 tulip blocks.

Arrange your blocks into nine rows, with eight blocks in each row.  Notice the orientation of the tulips.

Now, to add the sashing.  Cut 11 strips of the white background 1.5" x Width of Fabric, then cut into (63) 6.75" lengths (or whatever size your squared up blocks are).  These will be sewn vertically between the tulips on each row.

Sew each row together.

Once all the rows are assembled, cut 17 strips of the white background 1.5" x Width of Fabric.  Trim selvages and sew together end-to-end to create on very long strip of fabric.  This will be used to cut the lengths of horizontal sashing and borders.

Measure the length of the rows in order to cut horizontal sashing pieces.  We like to use our cutting rulers and mark along the way with a pin.  Just make sure the quilt is taut beneath the ruler, but not overstretched.  Cut eight horizontal sashing pieces from the long piece at the length of your rows.  Each piece should be about 57.5".

Sew the horizontal sashing between each row.  Pinning these long, skinny strips will yield the best results.  Press well.

Attach the borders in the same manner as the horizontal sashing.  Start with the left and right borders.  Measure the sides and cut strips to fit.  Make sure to cut each side the same length and pin well.

Repeat for the top and bottom borders.  Press well.  Cut the backing fabric in half, and piece together along the sides.  Layer backing, batting, and quilt top, and baste.  We love using spray basting!

Quilt as desired.  We used a mixture of walking foot and free motion quilting on a domestic machine.  Once quilted, you will need to cut 7 strips for binding.  These can be 2.25" or 2.5" wide.  We prefer 2.25" for machine binding, and 2.5" for hand binding.  Bind using your preferred method and width.

Enjoy your eternal garden of tulips!


This quilt finishes at 60" x 67.5".

What a great way to use your favorite fat quarters!  We hope you've enjoyed our tutorial.  This quilt is like having a perpetual field of tulips, always there to brighten your day. You can also make this quilt using a layer cake with at least 36 squares.  Each square would make two tulip blocks.  Be sure to follow along on The Cloth Parcel blog for more fun quilt and sewing tutorials.  You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Audrey Mann
{The Cloth Parcel}