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Positively Sweet {Marion} Quilt

Positively Sweet {Marion} Quilt

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Hello all! I'm April Rosenthal from Prairie Grass Patterns, here with a reprise of my Positively Perfect Nap Mat Quilt in my latest fabric collection - Sweet Marion!

This quilt finishes up at 54" x 66".

1 Jelly Roll {Sweet Marion by April Rosenthal}
1 5/8 yard for background (sample uses a mix of 9900-86, 9900-88, 9900-79)
5/8 yards Bella Solids Porcelain (9900-182) for inner border
1 yard Bella Solids Grey (9900-83) for outer border
3 1/2 yards backing
1/2 yard Bella Solids (9900-174) for binding
62" x 74" batting

Choose 16 strips from your jelly roll. Be sure to choose strips that will have plenty of contrast with your chosen background color(s).

Leaving each strip folded, trim off the selvedge edge.

From each folded strip, cut (3) 2½" squares (total 6) and (1) 6½" x 2½" (total 2) rectangles. This should make a total of (96) squares, and (32) rectangles. Set aside remainder of strips. You can add these to your scrap bin, or piece them into your backing like I did.

From the cream background fabric, cut (22) 2½" width of fabric strips.

Subcut strips into (192) 2½" x 2½" squares and (64) 6½" x 2½" rectangles.

Using the pieces you've cut, make (32) Dot blocks and (31) Plus blocks.

To make one "dot" block, sew one cream background square to each side of a colored square:

Press seams toward the middle.

Sew one cream background rectangle to the top and bottom. Press seams away from the center.

To make one "plus" block, make two matching "dot" units (colored square in the middle, cream squares on the sides) as described above. Sew them to the top and bottom of a matching rectangle. Press toward the middle rectangle.

Arrange blocks in an alternating pattern, starting with a "dot" block in the top left corner. Place 7 blocks across and 9 blocks down.


Sew together blocks into rows, nesting seams and pressing toward "dot" blocks.

Pin and stitch rows together, nesting seams. I pressed seams toward the "plus" blocks, popping the stitch at each intersection. You can also simply press to one side along the entire row.

Press the entire top.

Cut (6) 2½" x WOF strips of fabric or the inner border. Piece the strips as needed, and attach using your preferred border method. My top and bottom inner borders measured 42", and my left and right borders measured 57". Press toward border.


Cut (7) 4½" x Width of Fabric strips of fabric for the outer border. Piece the strips as needed, and attach.  Press toward outer border.

Press, baste, and quilt as desired. Then bind and enjoy!

One Positively Sweet {Marion} Quilt. Enjoy your next nap!

P.S. Visit my blog for a fun, free (darling!) Positively Perfect Pillow pattern using leftovers from this quilt. See you soon!


April Rosenthal

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