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Naughty or nice?

Naughty or nice?

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I'm sure these boys have all been nice - they're too cute and adorable to be anything else!


As for the rest of us... while I won't go so far as to say which side of the divide each of us might inhabit, I'm pretty sure that there isn't much re-locating happening at this point.  It's probably a case of "go big or go home".

Those adorable Gingerbread Men are by Karla, Susan and Lisa, the sweet ladies of Sweetwater.  They created these adorable boys and the pattern is available as a Free Download.  If you're interested, there is a fabric kit available too.  You can find all of the information here - Merry Moda Christmas!

In getting ready for Christmas, I have been sewing some quick, pretty and fairly easy gifts that I'll share next week.  In the meantime, there's still time to make some of the things we shared this past July.


These Charm Trays were designed by Sarah and Lisa of A Spoonful of Sugar and the links to their tutorials for making these trays and a few other things can be found here.

Now that I think of it... I might need to make a few more of these.

And these little bags made with Moda Toweling... I need a few more.


If you have a stash of toweling or access to it, there are several quick, easy gift items that can be made with the fabric, including the obvious towels and napkins.  I haven't "thrown in the towel yet"... wait until you see what's coming next Spring.  The how-to for these quick little bags and a few other things can be found here.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I like practicing and experimenting with machine-quilting on bags.  After trying different stitches and patterns for the quilting, the rectangles are used to make these terrific "gift bags".  They are perfect for housing small gifts and treats, and then they're wonderfully re-purposed for binding clips, a traveling stitching-kit, purse-stuff, or whatever else strikes for your fancy.


Moda Crossweaves.  It isn't any secret that I love them.  A lot.

A tutorial for making these little bags can be found here.

Do you remember these Candy Canes?


Promise not to laugh?  I think I went a little bit overboard... I made a total of forty-one of them.  I didn't think I'd cut quite that much fabric but I just kept tracing the template, stitching and stuffing and... forty-one candy canes later... I'm done.  If nothing else, I'm out of the stiffy-glue.  (I'm sure that's a blessing.)

If you'd like to make a few - or a lot - the tutorial and template can be found here.

And finally, Christmas pillows.  That aren't only for Christmas.


These could also be used for Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July.  And just because you like red and white.

Assorted Red print fabrics and a Bella Solid background - 9900 200 ~ Off-White - for the fabrics and a variety of mini and big quilt patterns for the pillows.  A few of the pillows are mini quilts - Red Letter Day Mini by Thimbleblossoms, Mini Blossom and Mini Sunshine by Fig Tree & Co. and Down South Mini by She Quilts Alot.  The other three are a single block from a big quilt pattern - Round & Round and Swoon by Thimbleblossoms, Bright Side by Lella Boutique.

And finally... gift bags? Storage bags? Or just because they're cute bags?  Recycling at it's finest.


After coveting a little bag Alison Black made for the BasicGrey booth at Quilt Market, I came home and made a couple of my own bags.  And then I was asked how I'd done it so here you go - everything I know about making a bag from the leg of a pair of old jeans.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  It's supposed to get a bit colder here in Dallas so while I do have a few things to do this weekend, I'm definitely using the cold temperatures as an excuse to stay inside and sew.

And bake something.  I learned last year that the ladies in my office have a tradition they call the "Twelve Days of Christmas"... or the "Twelve Pounds of Christmas".  Starting December 1st, someone brings in a "treat" to share.  Buñuelos, Cranberry Pie, assorted cookies and candies, and all manner of edible goodie makes it way through the door.  Last year, I brought The Pioneer Woman's Bacon Crackers.  Given that they're fast, easy and disappeared quickly, I'm bringing them again this year.

Happy Friday!


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