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Take a deep breath...

Take a deep breath...

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The "big stuff" is done.


If you're reading this on Friday - October 28th - Moda City is mostly built.  The designers will be arriving, toting suitcases filled with quilts to deck out their spaces in the Moda Designer Studio.  Some will have Schoolhouses to present but despite the work involved in getting everything looking "just so", most of their work is done.

The picture above - that was the view of Camp Moda this past May - start-to-finish.

By tomorrow morning, we'll have enough pictures of new quilts, fabrics and loveliness to create a whole new collage of Market memories.


(This is a collage of images from Fall Market 2015.)

Most of the crew flew to Houston on Thursday morning - yesterday.  I'm sure everything went perfectly well - the weather forecast is pretty good, we're not going to lose anything in transit and I will get through Market without a black eye.  (Or a rotary cutter accident.)

Until I have something to show you from Fall Market 2016, this is what the two days before Quilt Market look like...

Spring Quilt Market 2015 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you're curious - taking it all apart - Spring 2015

Start to finish - Spring Quilt Market 2016 - Salt Lake City, Utah

So over the course of the next couple days, the best place to keep up with the goings-on is Facebook and Instagram.

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And here, of course.

So buckle up... we're getting ready for lift-off.