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Quilt Market Countdown...

Quilt Market Countdown...

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In less than a week, we'll be flying to Houston.


This is Charlotte.  While her Grandma would love to have her in Houston for the week, she'll only be there in pictures.  More about Miss Charlotte in a few weeks.

Before next Thursday, there are still a dozen quilts to bind.  Catalogs to organize, pack and ship.  Sell Sheets to prepare.  More boxes to pack and ship.  And probably more quilts to bind - they're coming in every day so I've lost count.  Ten thousand steps?  Most everyone is getting the little writst-buzz by noon.

Schedules are being filled with appointments and calendars are being updated.

Schoolhouse?  Check!

slide_fqm2016-schoolhousesYikes.  I think I'm supposed to do something about a costume for one of those Schoolhouses.

(Maybe I can pretend I forgot.)

We're especially excited about the Schoolhouse titled Love Historic Blocks & Reproductions by Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle.

While you know that Betsy is a Moda Designer, did you know that she and Carole are original Divas - as in the 19th Century Patchwork Divas!  History Repeated is one of their books.  This is the new one coming November 1st.


Treasury of Quilts.  (Rumor has it that I may have an autographed copy to give away after Market.)

By the way, speaking of Moda Designers... have you seen the Moda Designer page recently?  It's been updated with new pictures and it's beautiful!  Some of the pictures are truly special, they capture the designer's personality perfectly.

That's it for me for today.  I've got some Cakes to finish - more about those soon too.

Happy Friday!




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