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No Tricks... just Treats

No Tricks... just Treats

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Just in time for Halloween...


A really cute Halloween Printable that you can use for your favorite kind of candy.

The edible kind...


The big bag of candy that had been in the Sample Room is now almost empty - it IS the week before Market - so these have been stashed safely away in my office.  And I forgot about them until I needed a picture for this new Halloween printable.

Or our favorite kind of candy - Moda Candy Charm packs!


Simply print the Halloween Printable on cardstock, trim it to size - a rotary cutter works nicely, attach a couple pieces of double-stick tape or those sticky-dot-things to the underside of the candy of your choice and stick it to the card.  Voila!  You've got a cute little gift for your favorite ghosts and goblins.

The fabric collections?  Shhh... those are new, they'll be debuting at Market next week.

Happy Wednesday!




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