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Day 1 ~ Moda City

Day 1 ~ Moda City

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What is your quilting Super Power?


I'm sure you have one - several - everybody does!

The theme of Moda City for Fall 2016 is Quilters are Super Heroes -  that everybody has quilting super powers.  And when you might need a little extra help, Moda Man to the rescue - he's saving the world one yard at a time.


Pictures of the City will have to wait until tomorrow as a bit of landscaping remains.  And with the chairs still on the tables, the view still isn't the best.

Cardboard floors?  Yes.  We experimented with this at Spring Quilt Market in the Designer Studio and it worked beautifully.  It's not slippery, it's surprisingly durable and it has a bit of cushioning - as much as convention floor carpeting without padding does.  And it can be decorated - Jamie and Holly are Booth Building superheroes who won't rest until the stars are properly aligned for the City.

A few designers arrived by mid-afternoon yesterday but most started moving in today.

Jan Patek - Coral Bell - is here.  Make that Coral Bells - the name of her beautiful new collection.


On the left is Rufus in the Garden - a new Block of the Month.  At the top on the right is Tiptoe Through the Tulips and below it is Coral Bells.  (Coral Bells will be in stores in January 2017.)


Wenche Wolff Hatling of Northern Quilts arrived from Norway with Dancing Girls and a Jumping Blixen!  Her Nordic Stitches collection is inspired by Nordic Folklore and the traditional patterns often see in old stitchery and sweaters.  (Nordic Stitches will ship in April 2017.)

You've probably seen pictures of Robin Pickens' gorgeous Poppy Mae before but this is Robin's first Quilt Market and seeing the quilts in person is always a treat.


Sandy Klop of American Jane arrived with Spring-A-Ling.


Cross Patch is on the left, next to Hidden Treasures.  Cross Patch can be made with Jelly Rolls and Hidden Treasures with Layer Cakes.  That's Spiral-ling on the right - and Puppy Love.

Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles tells a funny story about thistles.  When she invited her parents to dinner one evening, she carefully snipped some prickly purple thistle to complement the Goldenrod in the flower arrangement she was making for the table.  When her Dad saw the bouquet, he shook his head and grinned, saying, "Don't you know farmers pull the heads from thistles so they won't spread?"

We want Lynne's thistles to spread - to be a Thistle Farm!


All of the quilts and runners shown here are in Lynne's new book, Thistle Farm.  (Thistle Farm ships in March 2017.)


Kate Spain made birds, a bird house and a bird bath to celebrate her being the Early Bird.  The quilt on the left - you can't see all of it - is Morning Glory and the quilt on the right is Nest.  (Early Bird ships in March 2017.)


Rachel Remembered - Betsy Chutchian's new collection.  This is Favorite Things - a Block of the Month quilt that comes in two versions, 6 months or 12 months.  This is the 12-month quilt.  (Rachel Remembered ships in April 2017.)

More Rachel Remembered tomorrow.


Bee Inspired by Deb Strain!  A follow-up to her wildly popular Bee Creative, this new collection is filled with hand-drawn and painted butterflies, bees, flowers and a honeycomb in shades of cream, black, gray and honey gold.  The beautiful panel is comprised of 4.5" squares with botanical images and inspiring words.  (Bee Inspired ships in March 2017.)

From left to right, the quilts are Framed, Autumn Stars and Stocked Up by Coach House Designs.


This is a first look at Guernsey, a beautifully feminine new collection by Brenda Riddle.  This quilt is Nottingham Classic - Soft.

Soft?  The Guernsey collection includes many of Brenda's prints rendered in a beautiful shade of Charcoal so there is a version of this titled Nottingham Classic - Black.  Black and pink.  It's gorgeous.  (Guernsey ships in April 2017.)

There's more coming tomorrow but here are a few more pictures to share.


Lisa Bongean's of Primitive Gatherings and Liberty Gatherings.


Queen's Cross is a new quilt and pattern by Jen Kingwell - but you'd probably already guessed that, right?


Spring Bunny Fun by Stacy Iest Hsu - with some A Walk Through the Woods on the bottom shelf.  I'll see if I can get better pictures today - you have to see that the little drawstring bags on the middle shelf have bunny ears on them!

That's all for now... there is so much more coming.

Happy Saturday!