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Day 1.5 ~ More from the City...

Day 1.5 ~ More from the City...

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Because you've only seen part of the show and I didn't want to make you wait...


This was the Cityscape first thing this morning - before Fall International Quilt Market officially opened.

An hour or so later...



We even had a real Moda Man Super Hero - Super Mario Urbano, the awesome Sales Rep from Northern California.


If you're envious of that suit, he bought it online.

Tony - the Chief of Everything for Janet Clare wants one.


This is Aubade, Janet's new collection.  Like all of Janet's fabrics, it's elegant, contemporary and sophisticated while still being comfortable and somehow traditional.  Shades of indigo, gray, blue and cream.  Aubade: Song of the Dawn ships in January.

(Just so you know, Tony didn't actually tell me he wants a suit like this but given how much envy the other men were expressing, he might.  Of course, maybe it was just the attention Mario was getting that was the real source of the envy.)


Even without that sign at the top, you'd know this was Edyta's booth.  Laundry Basket Quilts - her quilts are that distinctive.


Edyta's new collection is Sweet Blend.  It's a mix of florals, polka dots and lovely little prints in shades of rose, pink, blue, cream and mustard gold.  It's quite wonderful.  Sweet Blend ships in April.

Pat Sloan - you know Pat, right?  Everybody knows Pat!  She might be the reason why quilters qualify as superheroes because Pat does. it. all.


This is Sunday Drive - the quilts are Take the Roundabout, Red Door Lane and Pinwheel Park.  Sunday Drive - Prints and Batiks - ships in January.


This is Betsy Chutchian's beautiful collection - Rachel Remembered.  From left to right, the quilts are Rachel's Garden, Tennessee Lady, big Rachel's Garden, Morning Walk and on the table - Endearments.  The small blue quilt on the wall on the left is part of the Endearments pattern, and the is Nashville and big Morning Walk next to it.  You probably know that most of Betsy's quilts are patterned in a big and a small size.  Rachel Remembered ships in April.

img_1745Despite the name of the collection, there is no such thing as a Rainy Day with the bright, radiant colors of Me & My Sister - Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson.  The wonderful white quilt hanging is Umbrella Plaids and the yellow quilt on the table is Raindrops.  The blue fish - Go Fish.  Rainy Day ships in February.

The rest of the quilts and blocks are made with Barb & Mary's new template - Double-Wide Dresden.


Oh - and that's their new book, 12-Pack Quilts.  It's out next week - November 1st.


This is Sugar Plum Christmas by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs.  The quilts are Glitter Houses and The Christmas Mouse.  The Christmas Mouse is a 10-month Block of the Month.  The candy-cane striped binding - I think I'm going to need several yards of that.  (Several... as in a lot.)  Sugar Plum Christmas ships in April.

This one too.


Maven by Basic Grey - BasicGrey.  The quilts are Sun & Moon and Whylo Star.  And those adorable penguins are also a pattern by BasicGrey - it's an oldie and an awesomie.

If you're wondering, yes, Maven will mix beautifully with Little Black Dress and Black Tie Affair.  Those collections were so hugely popular that this spectacular color palette just needed to be re-visited.  Maven ships in March.


Kaari Meng of French General is here with Pondicherry.  The quilt is titled Pondicherry - an 18th Century French colony in India.  The lovely organizer panel next to it is a pattern titled Le Comptoir d'Atelier - "the shop or studio counter".  And then there are Kaari's beautiful embroidery samplers.  Pondicherry ships in February.


True Blue is one of my favorite collections because (1) I love pretty much everything Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic does; (2) I love blue, gray and white mixed together; and (3) this collection reminds me of a favorite pair of blue jeans - they'll always be modern and you can mix (wear) them with everything!

The quilt on the left is Globe and the quilt on the top of the rack is Throwing.  It has a little bit of Grunge in shades of orange mixed in - to absolutely perfection.  (Don't judge... I already told you I was biased.)  True Blue ships in April.

There are still a few more designers to show you but before I head off, I wanted to share a few more pictures...

This is Wenche's "Ikea Hack".  That's an Ikea chair and she used the holes in the back to do a little bit of Nordic stitching with fabrics from her Nordic Stitches collection.


She also made the chair pad - and she cut some strips for a little knitting project.


This is one of the quilts made with Merrily by Stacie Bloomfield for Gingiber.  Like Thicket, there are two panels in the collection - a large panel and a medium panel.  The large panels measure approx. 18" x 21" and the medium panels measure approx. 9" x 10.5".  For Merrily, the Medium panel also has a small-size panel that measures approx. 4.5" x 5.25".  Meaning, there are three sizes of Polar Bear, Moose, Penguin and Reindeer available.  Merrily ships in April.

That's it for now... there's still more to share.

Happy Saturday!