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Curling Iron Pocket

Curling Iron Pocket

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Hello, my name is Kathy Davis from the Creative Side.  I am so happy to be sharing another quilting tutorial using some of my fabric Moda fabric.  I hope that you enjoy this tutorial on how to make a curling iron pocket.  My inspiration for this project came from a desire for something better than a towel to wrap around my hot curling iron.  This pocket is great for traveling when you don't have time to let your iron cool before putting it in your bag.  Hopefully you will find this project useful for your own travel adventures.


  • 15 Moda Mini-charm squares (Moda Candy)
  • 6 3/4" by 10 3/4" piece of heat resistant fabric (Ironing board fabric)
  • 6 3/4" by 10 3/4" piece of batting
  • 17 inches of coordinating 1/2" wide double-fold bias tape


Layout the mini-charms in three rows of five.

Sew the squares together using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Iron your seams to one side. Alternate pressed sides so seams will nest.

Sew the rows together using a 1/4" seam allowance. Press the seams to the side.  Press the finished rectangle.

Make a quilt sandwich by placing the heat resistant fabric wrong side up, then the batting, and finally the sewn top right-side up.  Secure the sandwich with either basting spray or a few pins.

Quilt the layered piece using a method that makes you happy :)

Square your edges using your ruler and rotary cutter.

Open one end of the bias tape to fold the top corner in.

Wrap the bias tape around the side starting a little further than two squares down.  Secure the end with a pin.

To create the mitered corner open the bias tape right at the corner.  Use your finger to make a 45 degree edge.  Then fold the top back over at the top edge. Secure with a pin or binding clip.  Repeat the process on the back side.

Repeat this process around the other corner and finish the end of the bias tape in the same manner you folded the corner at the start.  The end of the bias tape should be trimmed so that it lines up with the other side.  Pin or clip the bias tape in place.

Sew about 1/8" from the inside edge around the bias taped sides.

Fold the piece in half length wise, heat resistant fabric side out.  Clip or pin in place.

Using a 1/4" seam sew the sides together starting 1" before the end of the bias tape until you reach the non-bias taped corner.  Backstitch a few stitches to secure.

Turn the sewn pocket right sides out.  Using a blunt object push out your corners.  Now your pocket is ready for use!  Warning:  Do not leave a plugged in curling iron in your curling iron pocket!!! That's like leaving a hot iron iron-side down on your ironing board... bad idea.


This pocket finishes at 10" x 3".

Thank you so much for viewing this tutorial.  Hopefully you will enjoy making one for yourself or a friend!  Please stop by my blog sometime to see some more of my projects.

Kathy Davis
The Creative Side