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Inspire me...

Inspire me...

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Ideas and inspiration always come from somewhere.


Painter. Musician. Author. Inventor. Builder.  It doesn't matter what is being created, the idea for the "what" has to come from somewhere.  Great artists express what they see, hear or feel, and they reinterpret it with their own vision.

As quilters, we do the same thing.  We are inspired by what we see from art, design and what we see from other quilters.  Their vision has an impact on ours even if we don't realize it.

So where do you find inspiration?

I love art books, museums and yes, magazines.  For color, for pattern and design, for refining my sense of what I like... even as it changes.  And yes, I love social media - Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.  (It's why iPads were invented.)  It can be a visual sensory overload but if you're looking for an idea, or even something to spark an idea, it's a wonderful place to start.

Following people is easy - figuring out who to follow is a personal, individual preference.  (I included some of my favorite "just for fun and not a quilter" people at the end.)

I also follow a couple of hashtags - meaning that I check into them frequently to see what's new and happening.

This is one of my regulars because I'm always looking to see what folks are making with Moda fabric.  #ShowMeTheModa


Hundreds of images are added to this hashtag every day.  Okay, so some of the posts are people and shops having a de-stash sale.  It's easy to scroll past them... unless you're looking for something.

The same #showmethemoda hashtag on Facebook will bring up all the posts with that hashtag - many from your favorite designers, shops and quilters.


Hashtags are a great way to see what's going on with a favorite designer - #figtreeandco.


Or find a quilt-along.  This started in 2014 and it's still being added to frequently.  #apqquiltalong


This is also a great "hashtag" on Pinterest - though it comes up when you do a Search for the terms - apq quiltalong


From variations on the original design to color palettes and fabric styles, the pages are filled with all kinds of ideas that provide inspiration.

Are you looking for an idea of what to make with a big basket of scraps and strips?  Something like a Log Cabin Quilt?  #logcabinquilt


Or #stringquilt.

What about #jellyrollquilt?  Or #layercakequilt.

Are you trying to find pictures and examples of the Splendid Sampler blocks?  #splendidsampler


And on Pinterest - Search - splendid sampler.


So do you use hashtags?  Do you use them for inspiration?  Or to find something specific?

In addition to just searching for things that interest you, look at the hashtags being used by people you follow or whose work you love.  Then check out those hashtags!  Some are filled with all sorts of other stuff - be careful and be forewarned - but you'll also find some gems.

That's it for today - Happy Tuesday!

No, I didn't forget... these are some of my favorite Instagram feeds.  Rupa takes beautiful pictures of her dogs and horses - Freyaeverafter.  Of course I follow a couple of "dogs" - this puppy is my favorite - Ollievuesomuch.  A flower farm in Washington State - FloretFlower - because all those flowers! And Phillip - a self-described foodie and midnight-baker - SouthernFatty.



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