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Bella Bellas!

Bella Bellas!

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The fabrics and the designer-types who picked the colors for these delicious bundles.


The most oft-asked question for the designers is which Bella Solids coordinate with their collections.  Which Bella background do they use?  Which red/green/blue/whatever Bella is closest to the shade of red/green/blue/whatever in their collection?

I know what you're thinking... why did this take so long?

Good things come to those who wait - we finally have enough Bella Solids to make everybody happy with a dozen perfect matches!  So names were put into a hat and a list was compiled for the introduction of the Bella Solids Designer Select Bundles.  (You know that's not really how they were chosen, right?)

I'm betting picking the designers was still easier than this part... Age before beauty? Alphabetically?  Seniority - with Moda? Which designer sends me the most - and best - chocolate?

Random.  Seven names on little pieces of paper put into a jar and pulled out one-by-one.  Really.

Sweetwater - Lisa, Susan and Karla.  Daughters and Mom.  They've got all sorts of solid wonderfulness going on.


This is Sunny - 55" x 55".  It doesn't use the whole bundle of 12 fat quarters - you'll have plenty left over to make a few of these...


These are their One Block Minis - it's a new pattern.  Using prints for the binding is genius!

Karla, Lisa and Susan have been having fun with their Bella Solids - these are a few of the things they've made for Project Sweetwater on their website.  (Yes, I may need to make a couple of the zipper bags.)


Kate!  Kate Spain - couldn't you just kiss her for this gorgeous color palette?


Kate took her terrific Geode pattern and re-made it with her Bella Solid bundle.  It measures 60" x 72" - perfect for a throw.  (I don't know if the directions for the binding are in the pattern but it's definitely copy-worthy.)


Kate also designed Kaleidoscope - it's a re-do of her Serenade pattern and it's available as a free download on her website.  It measures 57" x 69" and while the pattern calls for 20 fat quarters, this version substitutes a white background for some of the print squares, making it modern and a bit minimalist.  All that negative space as the moderns would say...

Me & My Sister - Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson.


I'm guessing you would have known that just by looking at the bright, clear colors of this quilt.  This quilt is Easy as 12 from their Simple Quilts book from Martingale/That Patchwork Place.  You'll need one Me & My Sister Designer Select bundle, some yardage, a copy of the book and these re-worked cutting instructions to make it - but it's easy!

A 6th Grader could make this one...


Maybe not.  The quilt is 6th Grade from the sisters' PreCut Primer book from It's Sew Emma.  But you still need just one Bella Designer Select bundle, a copy of the book and these re-configured cutting instructions.  (If you don't already have the book, you need it for this quilt anyway. Every version I've seen of it is spectacular.)

Now... if this list were in the previously-mentioned chocolate-related order, Bonnie would be first.  (Camille who? Que? Quien?)

If all our Mondays looked like this...


In addition to the gorgeous quilting - the backing on this quilt is Moda Snuggle in Aqua.  It's beyond yummy fabric so I'm sure this is a much-sought-after quilt in the Cotton Way household.

This is Bonnie's gorgeous Spool Sampler - re-done in Bonnie & someone's Bella Designer Select Bundle.


Camille?  That Thimbleblossoms girl.  Did you know that Camille was born on Bonnie's 24th birthday?

Dwell - from Camille's terrific book, Simply Retro.


A Bonnie & Camille Bella Designer Select Bundle and the Moda Crossweave in Black.  Perfection!

Camille used the same combination to re-do her Niner pattern.

CT Thimble Niner

You had to know that someone who did six awesome Simply Color books and a collection titled Simply Colorful would know about putting together a fat quarter bundle of Bella Solids.  (Even though she's got a gift for using Ombres.)

Vanessa Christenson - V & Co.

CT-VCo-Endless-SummerEndless Summer redone with Vanessa's Bella bundle.

And of course, Rush Hour.  This is one of my favorite quilts ever.  Ever.


Brigitte!  She. Knows. Color. She also has an eye for design, composition and styling.


Brigitte's patterns for Zen Chic have always been a spectacular mix of prints and solids, and she is known for her use of solids in her quilts.  (Rumor has it she might be sharing her "solid secrets" soon.)


This is So Square - a free pattern designed by Brigitte for the Zen Chic Bella Designer Select bundle.  (If you've been stashing For You and/or Flow, this is a perfect match... not that I know anything about that, of course.)

So Square is so cool - it can be made two ways for what I think is a completely different look.


So who have I forgotten?


Right.  Her.  That Figgy girl.  Joanna Figueroa - Fig Tree & Co.

Maybe I should call her Miss Sherbets & Creams.


Joanna really had fun with her Bella Designer Select bundle - she made five quilts and put them in a book - Sherbets & Creams.  Mixing her Bella Solids with low-volume prints created a distinctive look that is very Figgy-esque.



And because she was the last name in the jar...


Popsicles.  (What is Figgy's obsession with things to eat?)

Now for the best part - whoever sends me the most chocolate will win a set of all seven of the Bella Solids Designer Select bundles!

I'm kidding - about the chocolate.  We are giving away some bella Bellas.  One person will win all seven of the Bella Solids Designer Select bundles.

Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday - July 24th - telling us how often you use solids in quilts.  Have you ever made a quilt using only solids?

If you're on Instagram - be sure to check everyone's feed for more giveaways.

Happy Thursday!