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Llamas and lions...

Llamas and lions...

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Llamas on the loose are funny. Snow? Ice? Freezing temperatures? Not so much. That March-lion can go away, and he can take that varmint Phil with him.


I’m a weather wimp. It’s not that I lack the fortitude to “tough it out”, it’s just that I’m a much happier person when my feet are warm. And if I’m happier, everyone around me is happier. Who knows – world peace might come down to something as simple as whether everyone has warm feet.  (Photo courtesy of the Dallas News.)

Still… I do like March. March Madness. Spring Training for baseball, and the push for the playoffs in hockey and basketball. Daylight Savings Time – that’s this Sunday and it’ll be new territory for me as Arizona doesn’t partake. And March is National Craft Month.

I think that calls for a cake – a layer cake.


As much as I love the other kind of layer cake - especially Carrot Cake - I'm more in love with these cakes right now.  From left to right - On the Wing by Abi Hall / Nomad by Urban Chiks / Color Theory by V&Co. / Aloha Girl by Fig Tree Quilts.

After a weekend spent writing patterns – don’t ask… but yes, new Rosie patterns are in the works – I’m in the mood to make something. And thanks to Aneela Hoey, I have two places to start.

In addition to designing beautiful fabrics for Moda, Aneela creates wonderful little “stuff” - embroidery and quilts, bags and nesting trays, and other lovely little needful things.

Aneela Hoey Bloom Aurifil

This is Blooms. Because I need a little Spring right now, I’ve downloaded the pattern and I’m trying to decide on colors. The pattern is available as a free download on the Aurifil blog – Auribuzz.

I think I might brighten up the colors of floss a bit...


I've already printed out my pattern.  Ready, set, stitch!

Here's where I got into some trouble... I wanted to read more about Aneela's Blooms patterns so I followed the link to her blog.  Do you see that cute tray holding Aneela's embroidery?  She made that - it's part of a set of nesting trays.  There's a pattern?  You can see where this is going, can't you?  It just occurred to me that I forgot to get the pattern for the tray... I bought this one instead.


The Hold It All Pouch. It’s why the word “needful” came to mind; as soon as I saw this, I was full of need for it.  The pattern instructions are terrific and as of right now, I think the pattern is only available on Aneela's website as a PDF download.

(The fabric is Nomad - the feathers for the outside, the floral print for the inside. )

So it's March and I'm getting crafty.

Today should be warmer weather which fits right in as today is also National I Want You to Be Happy Day.

It's also If Pets Had Thumbs Day.

I wonder if that's how those llamas got loose...