Welcome to Moda Fabrics!

FEATURED SHOP: Gathering Fabrics... Gold Medal Quilters

FEATURED SHOP: Gathering Fabrics... Gold Medal Quilters

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Welcome to Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop!

Our Quilt Shop is located in the middle of Wine Country in historic Woodinville,Washington.

We're just a hop, skip and short drive from Seattle in the Sammamish Valley, home to over 100 tasting rooms and wineries, like Chateau Ste. Michelle.  And home to NFL World Champions and the infamous 12th Man!  We're delighted to introduce ourselves to you.

Ste Michelle Winery, Woodinville, WA

My name is Susan Webster and I opened my little independent quilt shop 12 years ago with a wing and a prayer and a lot of help from companies like Moda, which makes my job so much easier.  Thanks also to our fabulous Moda reps, I know we're seeing the best collections the industry has to offer while receiving the very best customer service.

Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop:  Fabric, Notions, Books, Classes, Events, Tours & Retreats for the Quiltmaker, Home-maker and Textile Artisan.


Background:  When I first opened the shop, my little girls were 8 and 10.  They're big girls now, both in college and I credit them for giving me the encouragement to take on this endeavor. Now I'm seeing them fulfill their career paths.  Jackie is studying Business at Cal Poly.  You rock Jackie.

We have a staff of nine wonderful ladies and five fabulous teachers working part-time which are essential to the success of our business.  I am grateful to each and everyone of them for their talents and contributions to the shop.  Susan

Anelese is a super senior about to graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design.  Job offers are coming in.  Yeah!

And yes, they both help me tremendously in the shop when they can.  Anelese does all our graphic design, lays out our newsletter and photographs for our web and social media. Jackie set up our shopping cart this summer and helps me to understand my financials.  I wouldn't be here today without all the support from them.

So... when Anelese and I were writing and designing the Winter/Spring 2014 Newsletter for Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop, we discovered an amazing thing.

"This week the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee unveiled the concept of the Look of the Games which was designed by BOSCO Sports, a sponsor of the Olympics, as well as the official uniform provider for the Russian Olympic team since 2002. They donated the work to the committee. The look revolves around “the principle of the ‘patchwork quilt’.

I said to Anelese, "look at these images that the Olympics will be using to welcome the world to Sochi.  A patchwork quilt!"     

A patchwork quilt is a quilt in which the top layer consists of pieces of fabric sewn together to form a design. Originally, this was to make full use of left-over scraps of fabric, but now fabric is often bought specially for a specific design. Wikipedia

What I've learned from Anelese is how the world of graphic design isso important in our quilting industry too.

When you think about how graphic design as a creative process, which combines art and technology to communicate ideas, we see the fabric companies like Moda doing this too. Take a collection like Russian Traditions from Moda: 

The images convey a message or a feeling that the consumer is attracted to.  Designs become collections and collections become quilts like the beautiful one you see below.

Such a rich collection that makes me want to learn more about Russian design motifs, color and composition.

Incredible, a country with such rich diversity in 89 regions, I can only imagine the creativity born in all areas of this vast country.

Thank you Moda for this great collection featured now for these 2014 games at Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop.

Our Russian Traditions offering using the Emma pattern by Anita Peluso.
The pattern is called Ten Pack from Laurie Shifrin and it uses 10 inch layer cakes from Moda

to create this very attractive design using the complete collection.

Authentically designed and printed, Russian Traditions by Moda

Now we wouldn't be talking winter games without showing off some of our Russian displays in the store right now.

My collection of Russian Nesting Dolls and Sewing Kits for Olympic travels.
Ukranian patchwork egg, hand painted.
Designs by Julie Paschkis who has a flare for Russian folk art design.
Bohemia, by Julie Paschkis.  Julie is a fabric designer from Seattle.
Artists to Watch cards from Julie Paschkis.
Along with our quilt challenge, there are Olympic Mug Rug swaps too.
See this one from Quilting Gallery
Now that the Olympics are underway, we are learning more about the Russian history of patchwork and how it has been used all over the country.  Read more about traditional Russian patchwork arts and recognize what you have imagined all along.  The images will ignite your creativity.

Our  Quilts inspired by the Olympic images.

On it's way in, our first  Quilt from Debra Merte, Woodinville.  Quilted by Richla Ramsey.
I'm seeing mountain peeks and tree tops.
The quilting makes it move...fast.
Our first Gold Medal Quilter, Debra Merte of Woodinville.
Gold Medal Quilter, Kathy Bulycea made this one for her 13 year old niece who does downhill racing.  The fabric collection is Winter Olympics by Quilting Treasures.  The pattern is from Atkinson Designs, Morning Noon & Night.

More Inspiration

Bordered Diamond Quilt, Kaffe Fasset, from Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts.
Thank you Moda for this opportunity to share our  Quilt Challenge with your readers.
We hope you'll visit our store and on line too.
Celebrate Patchwork 2014
Thank you,
Staff Holiday Party at Lynn's
A fabulous 12th Man Quilt honoring our Seattle Seahawks!  Just showing our pride.