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Word for the year "JOY"

Word for the year "JOY"

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Hi everyone and Merry Christmas.
I'm Tammy V from marketing here at Moda.

When I hear the word Joy I think of my two grand babies 
and what joy they bring me daily.

Also I'm reminded of a dear quilting friend from years ago.   
She would pick a word each year to live by and that year patience was her word 
She said she had to work on it all year long. 

 I’m sure we all would agree patience is hard in this fast paced, want it now world. 
That Christmas she gave me a sweet angel with the word “Joy” on it.   
She said that I had brought her joy that year and it would be a good word for me to 
concentrate on the next year.  What a sweet, sweet woman.   
Thanks to Facebook, we found each other again just the other day.

I’m sorry to say that I didn't keep Joy in my heart the whole next year, 
life happens.
But I do try to be joyful in my life every day.     

I think I will focus on JOY in my life for this season and 2014.  
I’ll make a pillow or wall hanging with Joy on it to remind me of 
all the joys that are in my life and to make others feel joy when they are around me.   

Besides my faith, family and friends, sewing has always brought me joy.   
 I started sewing doll clothes when I was still playing with dolls.   

My grandmothers and great grandmothers were all very crafty with sewing and crocheting.    
They blessed me with some of their talents and taught me 
wonderful lessons about sewing and life.   

The Joy of sewing took me through years of craft shows, owning a quilt shop, 
designing patterns & teaching to my current job here at Moda.   

Another friend asked me what my favorite part of working at Moda was and I said 
walking in the front door everyday to a job that brings me great joy.

I hope you have a joyful Christmas and a New Year.

What will your word be for 2014?