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How Do You Measure Up?

How Do You Measure Up?

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Today kicks off our month long Ruler Extravaganza 
in celebration of National Sewing Month! 

To appreciate the present we must take a look at the past with a little... 
(*The facts contained in the following document have NOT been approved by anyone of any importance.*)

The Egyptians were known to term the first common unit of length as the "cubit". 
The cubit was defined as the length of a man's arm from his elbow to the tip of his middle finger. 
Presumably, the quilters flocked to the longest-armed merchant when purchasing their fabric. 

In  Egypt, the cubit was called the "meh", and divided into units called "sheps". 
There were seven "sheps" in a cubit, and the "shep" in turn was divided into four parts, called "zebos". 
Now let's practice... 
I'll have one meh, four sheps and five zebos of that lovely Moda floral please...

Heck, just give me a yard!

As you can see, things improve with time. 

This month some of the quilting industries top "Rulers" will share their expertise with us
and make sure we are not stuck in an Egyptian frame of mind when it comes to measuring up. 

I will start us out with some helpful measuring tools that can be found on our website.

To access these visit unitednotions.com and click on the "FUN STUFF" link on the top tool bar.


That will take you to this page with tons of useful tools such as... 
 Basic Setting Sizes
 Bedding Measurements 
 Precut Cutting Ideas
 Equivalent Measures
 Metric Conversions and more!  

Join us back here daily for Sewing 'Rule's' and Daily Giveaways!!

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