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Indygo Junction's Fabric Flowers by Amy Barickman

Indygo Junction's Fabric Flowers by Amy Barickman

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Hi! My name is Amy Barickman, and I have been enjoyed working with Moda for many years, almost 20!! Indygo Junction is my pattern company and I recently launched Amy Barickman, LLC as the book publishing arm of my business. When Lissa and Debbie asked me to guest post on my new book, Indygo Junction's Fabric Flowers, I jumped at the opportunity!!

Indygo Junction's Fabric Flowers

There is nothing quite like the subject of flowers. Infinite variety, delicate detail, and exquisite color. Each summer I take 100's of photos of flowers for my own enjoyment. It is amazing what the camera can capture and fortunately digital photography offers the ability to affordably take an infinite number of photos!! Recently it seemed everywhere I looked in fashion flowers were blooming:  giant flowers on purses, tee-shirts embellished with ruched roses, flowers on headbands, flip-flops, and hats. It seemed the time was right for Indygo Junction's Fabric Flowers!!

We have created a video to learn more about our Fabric Flower book that is sure to inspire your creativity to bloom.

In the pages of this book, you'll find 25 quick & easy flower projects for wearing, decorating and sharing with inspiring techniques for the novice to the more advanced creative enthusiast.

  • Accessorize your hair, headbands & hats
  • Embellish your wardrobe with pins, necklaces & chokers
  • Accent your shoes, purses & scarves
  • Decorate with bouquets, pillows & holiday trimmings
  • 7 flowers feature recycled materials - denim, ties, sweaters, & t-shirts
  • Traditional fabrics such as cottons, wools, silk and felt are also included.
  • Perfect for club events, craft & boutique sales, fundraisers, party favors, weddings & home.
  • Learn new techniques: hand & machine embroidery, needle felting, Kanzashi methods and short-cut tools from Clover Needlecraft.

We've also created some resources for shops selling & promoting Fabric Flowers including a retailer's video and a retailer's guide for classes and events

A blog tour, flower challenge, and giveaways are being planned to make our focus flowers for the coming year!!! We hope you will join in the journey, follow our blog and Facebook pages to keep up a garden full of activities we have planned!!

When I agreed to share my new book with you as a guest blogger, I was asked to share a little more about myself with you. So here are few things you might not know about me.

What is your one guilty pleasure in life?  I love beer and Bell's Oberon Beer - a Michigan summer brew is my favorite. I actually stock up in September as I know I will not be able to acquire this brew throughout the rest of the year. Their sunshine logo is what led me to my first taste! 
Where do you do your best thinking? It seems I am always thinking about ideas. It is hard for me to turn my creative brain "off". When antiquing, shopping flea and thrift stores, I get in the "zone" - scoping at clever vintage patterns, fabrics, and quilts... as far as my best peaceful thinking, that happens on Torch Lake floating on my paddle board or Kayak.  I call it sacred water and am fortunate to spend several weeks there each summer.

What do you listen to when you work? Bruno Mars, Train and always the classics. And of course... Kid Rock's Summer in Northern Michigan and the new Pontoon song by Little Big Town's Pontoon!!