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Stacy Iest Hsu

Stacy Iest Hsu

Bay area based designer, Stacy Iest Hsu has been designing for almost 20 years. She grew up on her parents farm in the central valley where she often sketched and dreamed of being a designer. After college, Stacy decided to move to San Francisco to try and make her mark as a designer. Not sure what area of design she wanted to pursue, Stacy enrolled in a local school that focused on textile and surface design. After her first class, she knew this was what she was meant to do. After graduating, she designed for various companies such as Janie and Jack, Target, Walmart and Tiny Prints. Stacy has designed rugs, stationary and fabric for apparel but considers herself finally home designing fabric for Moda, which has been a lifelong dream. Stacy’s designs tend to be whimsical and sweet. She loves designing novelty prints and has developed a passion for designing projects for all ages in her cut and sew panels. Stacy is married and has three children that keep her very busy. She loves spending time with them and is constantly inspired by their amazing talents.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Christmas 16" Classic Retro Holiday fcc_classic-retro-toweling-holiday.pdf jpg_classic-retro-toweling-holiday.zip 2024.05
Style ABC xyz fcc_abcxyz.pdf jpg_abc-xyz.zip 2022.08
Style All Star fcc_all-star.pdf jpg_all-star.zip 2023.09
Style Back To School fcc_back-to-school.pdf jpg_back-to-school.zip 2024.06
Style Be Mine fcc_be-mine.pdf jpg_be-mine.zip 2020.12
Metro Best Friends Forever 2019/fcc_best-friends-forever.pdf 2019/jpg_best-friends-forever.zip 2019.01
Classic Classic Retro Toweling fcc_classic-retro-toweling.pdf jpg_classic-retro-toweling.zip 2023.11
Style Coral Queen of the Sea 2016/fcc_coral-queen-of-the-sea.pdf 2016/jpg_coral-queen-of-the-sea.zip 2016.04
Style Cut Sew Create 2019/fcc_cut-sew-create.pdf 2019/jpg_cut-sew-create.zip 2019.10
Style Cut Sew Create Part Two fcc_cut-sew-create-part-ii.pdf jpg_cut-sew-create-part-2.zip 2024.11
Christmas Deck the Halls 2020/fcc_deck-the-halls.pdf 2020/jpg_deck-the-halls.zip 2020.07
Style Dog Daze fcc_dog-daze.pdf jpg_dog-daze.zip 2023.08
Style Farm Fun 2016/fcc_farm-fun.pdf 2016/jpg_farm-fun.zip 2016.09
Style Farmstead fcc_farmstead.pdf jpg_farmstead.zip 2024.11
Style Ghouls and Goodies 2020/fcc_ghouls-and-goodies.pdf 2020/jpg_ghouls-and-goodies.zip 2020.07
Style Here Kitty Kitty fcc_here-kitty-kitty.pdf jpg_here-kitty-kitty.zip 2023.08
Style Holiday Essentials Americana fcc_HolidayEssentialsAmericana%202023.pdf jpg_holiday-essentials-americana.zip 2021.05
Christmas Holiday Essentials Christmas fcc_HolidayEssentialsChristmas2023.pdf jpg_holiday-essentials-christmas.zip 2021.05
Style Holiday Essentials Halloween fcc_HolidayEssentialsHalloween2023.pdf jpg_holiday-essentials-halloween.zip 2021.05
Style Holiday Essentials Love fcc_HolidayEssentialsLove2023.pdf jpg_holiday-essentials-love.zip 2021.05
Metro Home Sweet Home 2018/fcc_home-sweet-home.pdf 2018/jpg_home-sweet-home.zip 2018.03
Style Howdy 2017/fcc_howdy.pdf 2017/jpg_howdy.zip 2017.06
Christmas Joyful Joyful fcc_joyful_joyful.pdf jpg_joyful-joyful.zip 2022.07
Style Jungle Paradise fcc_jungle-paradise.pdf jpg_jungle-paradise.zip 2021.08
Metro Just Another Walk in the Woods 2016/fcc_just_another_walk_in_the_woods.pdf 2016/jpg_just-another-walk-in-the-woods.zip 2016.11
Style Lil Red 2016/fcc_lil-red.pdf 2016/jpg_lil-red.zip 2016.01
Style Noahs Ark fcc_noahs-ark.pdf jpg_noahs-ark.zip 2024.01
Style On the Farm 2020/fcc_on-the-farm.pdf 2020/jpg_on-the-farm.zip 2020.08
Style On The Go fcc_on-the-go.pdf jpg_on-the-go.zip 2021.01
Metro Once Upon a Time 2018/fcc_once-upon-a-time.pdf 2018/jpg_once-upon-a-time.zip 2018.10
Style Ponderosa fcc_ponderosa.pdf jpg_ponderosa.zip 2023.11
Style Safari Life 2019/fcc_safari-life.pdf 2019/jpg_safari-life.zip 2019.08
Christmas Snow Day 2019/fcc_snow-day.pdf 2019/jpg_snow-day.zip 2019.06
Style Soft and Sweet Flannels 2018/fcc_soft-and-sweet-flannels.pdf 2018/jpg_soft-and-sweet-flannels.zip 2018.11
Metro Spring Bunny Fun 2017/fcc_spring-bunny-fun.pdf 2017/jpg_spring-bunny-fun.zip 2017.02
Style Stomp Stomp Roar fcc_stomp-stomp-roar.pdf jpg_stomp-stomp-roar.zip 2023.01
Style Sunday Picnic 2020/fcc_sunday-picnic.pdf 2020/jpg_sunday-picnic.zip 2020.03
Style The Greate Outdoors fcc_the-great-outdoors.pdf jpg_the-great-outdoors.zip 2024.03
Christmas The North Pole 2018/fcc_the-north-pole.pdf 2018/jpg_the-north-pole.zip 2018.07
Style The Sea And Me fcc_the_sea_and_me.pdf jpg_the-sea-and-me.zip 2022.01
Metro Woof Woof Meow 2017/fcc_woof-woof-meow.pdf 2017/jpg_woof-woof-meow.zip 2017.11