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Kathy Schmitz

Kathy Schmitz

Pursuing her dream to make a career out of her artwork and illustrations, Kathy Schmitz took her quilt-themed greeting cards to Quilt Market in 2002.  That’s where she was discovered by Moda Fabrics.  Her first collection, Cozy Comforts, debuted later that year.

The youngest of three girls, Kathy was always drawing and painting, often illustrating the stories she wrote with her artwork.  With accomplished seamstresses and quilters in the family, she made her first quilt when she was 13 years old using her grandmother’s old treadle sewing machine.  It was only natural that she studied graphic design and painting in college.

The style of illustration that has become her signature came about when she wanted something new to hang over the mantle of her home at Christmas.  After digging out the three tubes of paint she had leftover from collection, she painted a picture of her house in a snow scene and promptly fell in love with the type of artwork.  Having only one house of her own, she began paint pictures of other people’s homes.

Kathy added embroidery to her repertoire in 2007 – picking up a hobby that she’d first learned to do in 2nd grade.  The line drawings of embroidery were so well-suited to her artwork that she began designing embroidery to coordinate with her fabrics.  Designing quilts – including many that incorporated her embroidery designs – came less than a year later.

A little cottage in Portland, Oregon that she shares with her husband and best friend, Steve is the house in Kathy’s latest drawings.  Her two grown boys visit often – she’s a doting Mom who beams with pride when asked about them, happily saying that they’re always in her heart.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Basics Crackle 2004/fcc_crackle.pdf 2004/jpg_crackle.zip 2004.08
Classic Bird Song 2010/ll_Bird_Song.pdf 2010/jpg_bird-song.zip 2010.01
Christmas Christmas Magic 2010/fcc_Christmas_Magic.pdf 2010/jpg_christmas-magic.zip 2010.06
Classic Rosehips and Sweetbriar Flannels 2010/fcc_rosehips_sweetbriar_flannels.pdf 2010/jpg_rosehips-and-sweetbriar-flannels.zip 2010.08
Classic Full Circle 2011/fcc_Full_Circle.pdf 2011/jpg_full-circle.zip 2011.04
Classic Towne Square Quilts 2011/fcc_towne_square_quilts.pdf 2011/jpg_towne-square-quilts.zip 2011.10
Classic Bits and Pieces 2012/fcc_bits_and_pieces.pdf 2012/jpg_bits-and-pieces.zip 2012.05
Classic Round Robin 2013/fcc_round-robin.pdf 2013/jpg_round-robin.zip 2013/fp_round-robin.pdf 2013.04
Classic Piecemakers 2014/fcc_piecemakers.pdf 2014/jpg_piecemakers.zip 2014.02
Classic Patchwork Garden 2014/fcc_patchwork-garden.pdf 2014/jpg_patchwork-garden.zip 2014.10
Classic Sturbridge 2015/fcc_sturbridge.pdf 2015/jpg_sturbridge.zip 2015.07
Classic Count Your Blessings 2016/fcc_count-your-blessings.pdf 2016/jpg_count-your-blessings.zip 2016.05
Classic Garden Notes 2017/fcc_garden_notes.pdf 2017/jpg_garden-notes.zip 2017.01
Classic Oak Grove Lane 2017/fcc_oak-grove-lane.pdf 2017/jpg_oak-grove-lane.zip 2017.11
Metro Home 2019/fcc_home.pdf 2019/jpg_home.zip 2019.08
Christmas Snowbound 2020/fcc_snowbound.pdf 2020/jpg_snowbound.zip 2020.06
Classic Maryland fcc_maryland.pdf jpg_maryland.zip 2021.02
Classic My Country fcc_my_country.pdf jpg_my-country.zip 2021.12
Classic Bloom And Grow fcc_bloom-and-grow.pdf jpg_bloom-and-grow.zip 2024.12