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Kansas Troubles

Kansas Troubles

I signed up for my first quilting class more than 34 years ago at a local quilt shop. When I admired a pattern with houses and stars, the owner asked if I’d like to make a sample for the shop with my payment as a kit for the same project. I returned a week later with two completed quilts – one for the shop and one for me. The sample for the shop was made exactly like the pattern had instructed with dozens of template pieces and y-seams. My quilt was a bit different… I had simplified the pattern by using connecting corners and layered triangles. That’s when the shop owner informed me, “You’ll never amount to anything as a quilter if you can’t follow instructions.” I took this as a challenge. For the next few years, I made little quilts to sell and peddled my own patterns locally until I finally took the leap and attended International Quilt Market. A Block-of-the-Month quilt I’d created using mostly Moda fabrics caught their attention and I was asked to join the Moda Designer team the following market. That was 24 years ago. More than 75 fabric collections later, I still embrace the nature-inspired color palette and prints that are Kansas Troubles’ classics. I’m continually learning and growing as a designer, developing more simplified ways to piece traditional quilt blocks using my Layered Patchwork technique. I enjoy sharing my quilts and methods with quilters all over the country, teaching at quilt guilds, shops and on cruises. What a delightful way to spend your life, surrounded by quilts and quilters!

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style Back To Basics fcc_back-to-basics.pdf jpg_back-to-basics.zip 2023.06
Classic Bees N Blooms 2016/fcc_bees-n-blooms.pdf 2016/jpg_bees-n-blooms.zip 2016.03
Classic Bittersweet Lane fcc_bittersweet-lane.pdf jpg_bittersweet-lane.zip 2020.10
Classic Blackbirds Nest fcc_blackbirds-nest.pdf jpg_blackbirds-nest.zip 2024.06
Classic Butterfly Garden 2010/fcc_Butterfly_Garden.pdf 2010/jpg_butterfly-garden.zip 2010.02
Classic Cattails and Clover 2011/fcc_cattails_and_clover.pdf 2011/jpg_cattails-and-clover.zip 2011.10
Classic Chickadee Landing fcc_chickadee-landing.pdf jpg_chickadee-landing.zip 2024.02
Classic Clara's Garden 2015/fcc_claras-garden.pdf 2015/jpg_claras-garden.zip 2015.01
Classic Clover Blossom Farm fcc_clover-blossom-farm.pdf jpg_clover-blossom-farm.zip 2023.01
Classic Country Road Flannels 2018/fcc_country-roads-flannel.pdf 2018/jpg_country-road-flannels.zip 2018.07
Classic Cozy Cottage Flannels 2015/fcc_cozy-cottage-flannels.pdf 2015/jpg_cozy-cottage-flannels.zip 2015.11
Classic Daffodils And Dragonflies fcc_daffodilsanddragonflies.pdf jpg_daffodils-and-dragonflies.zip 2022.09
Classic Daisy Lane fcc_daisy-lane.pdf jpg_daisy-lane.zip 2024.10
Classic Flannel Days 2011/fcc_flannel_days.pdf 2011/jpg_flannel-days.zip 2011.07
Classic Fluttering Leaves fcc_fluttering-leaves.pdf jpg_fluttering-leaves.zip 2023.10
Classic Freedom Road fcc_freedom_road.pdf jpg_freedom-road.zip 2022.05
Classic Fresh Cut Flowers 2018/fcc_fresh-cut-flowers.pdf 2018/jpg_fresh-cut-flowers.zip 2018.03
Classic Gooseberry Lane 2017/fcc_gooseberry-lane.pdf 2017/jpg_gooseberry-lane.zip 2017.06
Classic Harvest Hill 2017/fcc_harvest-hill.pdf 2017/jpg_harvest-hill.zip 2017.10
Classic Harvest Moon 2012/fcc_harvest_moon.pdf jpg_harvest-moon-old.zip 2012.09
Classic Heartfelt 2015/fcc_heartfelt.pdf 2015/jpg_heartfelt.zip 2015.05
Christmas Holiday Medley 2012/fcc_holiday_medley.pdf 2012/jpg_holiday-medley.zip 2012.06
Christmas Holly Wishes 2014/fcc_holly_wishes.pdf 2014/jpg_holly-wishes.zip 2014.06
Classic Homemade Homespuns fcc_homemade-homespuns.pdf jpg_homemade-homespuns.zip 2021.07
Classic Hope Blooms fcc_hope-blooms.pdf jpg_hope-blooms.zip 2021.09
Classic Icicle Kisses 2013/fcc_icicle-kisses.pdf 2013/jpg_icicle-kisses.zip 2013.06
Basics Kansas Troubles Favorites 2014/fcc_kansas-troubles-basics.pdf 2014/jpg_kansas-troubles-basics.zip 2014.08
Style Kansas Troubles Favorites 2014 jpg_kansas-troubles-favorites-2014.zip 2014.01
Classic Kansas Troubles Favorites 2019 2019/fcc_kt-favorites.pdf 2019/jpg_kt-favorites-2019.zip 2019.05
Classic KT Classic Plaids 2009/fcc_KT_Classic_Plaids.pdf 2009/jpg_kt-classic-plaids.zip 2009.02
Classic KT Favorites Backgrounds fcc_kt-favorites-backgrounds.pdf jpg_kt-favorites-backgrounds.zip 2024.09
Classic Maple Hill fcc_maple_hill.pdf jpg_maple-hill.zip 2022.02
Style Milestones - 20 years with Moda 2019/fcc_milestones.pdf 2019/jpg_milestones.zip 2019.10
Classic Nature's Glory 2018/fcc_natures-glory.pdf 2018/jpg_natures-glory.zip 2018.09
Classic Oak Haven 2016/fcc_oak-haven.pdf 2016/jpg_oak-haven.zip 2016.09
Classic On Meadowlark Pond 2019/fcc_on-meadowlark-pond.pdf 2019/jpg_on-meadowlark-pond.zip 2019.02
Classic Paisley Park 2014/fcc_paisley-park.pdf 2014/jpg_paisley-park.zip 2014.09
Classic Perennials 2011/fcc_Perennials.pdf 2011/jpg_perennials.zip 2011.01
Classic Pheasant Hill 2013/fcc_pheasant-hill.pdf 2013/jpg_pheasant-hill.zip 2013.03
Classic Prairie Cactus 2016/fcc_prairie-cactus.pdf 2016/jpg_prairie-cactus.zip 2016.06
Classic Prairie Dreams fcc_PrairieDreams_KansasTroubles.pdf jpg_PrairieDreams_KansasTroubles.zip 2021.03
Classic Sandhill Plums 2012/fcc_sandhill_plums.pdf 2012/jpg_sandhill-plums.zip 2012.02
Classic Summer's End 2010/fcc_summers_end.pdf 2010/jpg_summers-end.zip 2010.08
Classic Sunflower Song 2015/fcc_sunflowersong.pdf 2015/jpg_sunflower-song.zip 2015.09
Christmas Sweet Holly 2020/fcc_sweet-holly.pdf 2020/jpg_sweet-holly.zip 2020.06
Classic Sweet Pea 2013/fcc_sweet-pea.pdf 2013/jpg_sweet-pea.zip 2013.10
Classic Thistle Farms 2017/fcc_thistle-farm.pdf 2017/jpg_thistle-farms.zip 2017.03
Classic Through the Years 2020/fcc_through-the-years.pdf 2020/jpg_through-the-years.zip 2020.03
Classic Token of Friendship 2014/fcc_token-of-friendship.pdf 2014/jpg_token-of-friendship.zip 2014.04
Classic Warm Memories 2011/fcc_Warm_Memories.pdf 2011/jpg_warm-memories.zip 2011.05