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Elena Amo

Elena Amo

Elena Amo is an illustrator and pattern designer residing in the Woodlands, Texas. Her art is characterized by its cute, playful, and detailed nature, reflecting a keen sense of color. Despite childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina, Elena's artistic journey took shape after earning an Interior Design degree in Calgary, Canada. Her passion for selecting fabrics and wallpapers in design projects sparked the idea of becoming a pattern designer.

Drawing inspiration from childhood memories, nature, and her own children, Elena aims to capture the beauty and whimsy of those moments in her work. Infusing vibrant colors and a carefree spirit into her prints, she seeks to evoke nostalgia and happiness, encouraging others to connect with their joyful childhood memories. Elena finds magic in ordinary things, turning them into captivating stories within the pages of her often messy sketchbook, where the bold colors of her children's designs influence her drawing style.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Elena enjoys walking in the woods, collecting nature treasures, and rock climbing with her family.

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