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Christopher Wilson-Tate

Christopher Wilson-Tate

Christopher is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, England where he first started with his interest in designs/colour from his love as a child of architecture, history and nature, which he has always been fascinated about and learns so much from the past that helps shape our future in many ways hopefully. Christopher has a great passion for Antique Quilts and Textiles and purchased his first antique quilt when he was 15 years old from a local flea market/ vintage fair on Tyneside in North East England. Just over two years later he was starting his trips to London, 600 miles round trip in a day to sell some of the antique quilts he had purchased to contacts he had made from home and interiors magazines. Two years later he had purchased his first shop premises and the long journey and passion of antique quilts had begun.

Christopher has a private collection of around 800 antique quilts of which around 600 are English, Welsh/ Scottish and Irish Quilts and the other North American and European. He has sold around 15,000 antique quilts during the last 38 years, many ending up in very well known private collections and museum collections. He has the most amazing, sometimes funny stories and incredibly touching experiences from four decades of collecting and selling antique quilts. He has an incredible archive of antique fabrics and quilts from the British Isles, which he is very excited about working with Moda in the future re further new collections and he feels honoured to be working with Moda and was so happy when he was approached in 2017 to work with them, he loves the whole ethos of Moda and the team and other designers.

Christopher is a real happy fun people person, loves his family, many who are still at home in the North East of England, some spread to other areas of the World, even to the home of Moda, Dallas Texas and his cousins there, he loves to meet new people and share his enthusiasm for his antique quilts and his store in London Antique Textiles Company with it’s hundreds of antique quilts and is looking to the future with Moda with even more passion and what can be created from his archive with new collections for quilters Worldwide to be inspired by and create fabulous new quilts and heirlooms of the future.